Survival game (FICTION)

in fiction •  2 months ago

And so it was decided, the class of 2020 were the first class to be tested at the highest level, survival of the fittest if you will.
Once education was completed, these unlucky students would be stripped of their possessions, say goodbye to their families and compete in the ultimate competition. Thousands of students from across the world would congregate upon a deserted city and bring it back to life. Industries have been established there to hire the students, with no discrimination on entry requirements, everyone has a chance at whatever job they choose. Everyone can live at the same type of house for the same cost, and gets a ration of the same clothes at the start. People can barter these new possessions and spend their wages any way they choose. Base wages are equal but productivity/profitability bonuses are paid.

After 1 year the losing 10% of students are killed and removed from the project, to only keep the best 90% who will help build a brighter future. Every 2 years the bottom 10% by net worth will be exterminated in this manner. The winners are the survivors who survive for 10 years and have shown they are hard working enough and diligent enough to always have more than the bottom 10%.

If this equalisation of resources and opportunity happened with no discrimination across society I reckon the top 30-40% of people would be the survivors, even if everything they already had was taken and they had to work hard to get it again.

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