The Drill

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Another illustration of mine. The story is a Steemit exclusive.

-It's coming this way!

The machine came running up the hill. An impenetrable tank, armed with a huge drill in front. Destined to destroy their homes. The southern dens were already gone. Families had been caved in, suffocated in the deep of their own tunnels. Now their little network would suffer the same fate.

The little lizard-like creatures ran, jumped into their little tunnels. Rinka turned around.

-No! His father cried. -You Can't stop it! It's invincible!

He ran towards the drill, jumped up on one of the moving belts. He fell, got pulled, got up again. Hung onto a tube under the machine. He bit it. Bit it again, chewed on it. Some kind of liquid came flowing out. It tasted bad, like the toxic ponds down by the factory, but worse. More concentrated.

The Machine stopped.

A creature came out of it, huge and tall, walking on two legs. Rinka crouched. A shadow fell on the belt in front of him. The monster lent forward, looked straight into his hiding place. Their eyes locked. Rinka stared at it, the doom of his kind. This was what it looked like. It was not what he had expected.

He jumped out, right in front of the monster, into the exposition of the sun, into danger. The monster took a step back. It looked after him, scratching its head in puzzlement as he ran over to one of the holes in the ground.

Rinka didn't stop until he was down with the others, deep under ground. They were cheering, applauding. The disaster had been stopped for now, but Rinka knew the drill would soon be fixed. They all knew. They knew they could not stop the inevitable.

Sketch Drill.jpg

Sketches Drill.jpg

There's another story connected to this on my site Fictionspawn Monsters called Digging Holes


Way to go Rinka! I'm sure they will figure out how to get the monster for good! (This is my positive day so...) :)

And by the way, to me Rinka sounds like a girls name. Maybe because in Finland there's similar woman names like Riina, Riikka, Tiina, Riia, Tinka...

Now, I'm sorry if Rinka is a common Norwegian boys name, and all the Norwegian Rinka's are offended, but to me Rinka is definitely a girl or a woman. :)

It's a very common lizard-like desert creature boys name, to tell you the truth. He's named after his great grandfather Rinka the Fat, from the days when there was still food around :D Thanks for stopping by, and for interesting information on Finnish girl's names :)

:D Your mind and imagination is wonderful!

So Rinka could be Rinka the Brave.

Haha! Songs will be sung about him...

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Ooohh a nice post with lovely illustrations and a short story <3.
I enjoyed reading the story but I wish it is longer because I'm curious to know what's going to happen next. I wish the main hero will manage to prevail somehow, like permanently win against the drill ^^.

Thanks for encouraging. It could be interesting to go further with it, but I'm afraid there won't be an happy ending... :D The story on the last link is even shorter, and happens just before this one, I guess.... But from another point of view. The situation is quite complicated ;)