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I choose to make this disclosure

That you are an amazing treasure

Of an absolute infinite measure

Sealed in my heart like an enclosure

Coordinating my emotional composure

Just like my cerebral commissure

While to eyes, you remain a cynosure

You came into me, and became sunshine

You sweetened my life like the Ariel wine

To your heart, mine synchronously twine

Like a very young tender vine

Just because you’re a reliable lifeline

Even if  genotype Lab results pinches like pine

I’m very sure we would be fine

Wura, they told us in words very plain

That our child may have bone pain

From a continual utter blain

Unlike other kids, he may never play in the rain

That his health may cause us a financial strain

That our efforts might eventually end in vain

If he's sent to early grave by death slain

Forces in our hearts may throng

But we hope to remain strong

Not to do what is wrong

Can’t let go

Should I or should we not?


Bode and Wura discovered that their genotypes are not compatible after taking the test as prescribed by a marriage counsellor some few weeks to their wedding, now they are faced with the dilemma of letting each other go.

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