Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Friday Fictioneers

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I promised myself I would get more writing done yet I cannot seem to get control of my time. Sigh.

For now, all I can do is share with you my 100-word story this week. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Good afternoon (for those in the EST zone, anyway) my fellow writers and readers. It is already Wednesday so, time for another Friday Fictioneer 100-word story. This week, our fearless leader, Rochelle, has chosen a picture from another master of the short story, c.e. ayr. So many places I though of going and yet, when my fingers hit the keyboard, and after many starts, edits, cuts, restarts, this is what came out. I dunno... sometimes you just have to let go.

Should you wish to join in on the fun (and it is fun, I promise you), just click on Rochelle's name for the rules and regs. To read more stories inspired by this interesting rock, click on the blue frog and enjoy!

©c.e. ayr

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

She felt stuck.

She went on a coffee date with one man and their conversation lasted over two hours - a exhilarating, intellectual connection. Further phone conversations yet no second date.

So, when the persistent fellow she had always dismissed asked her on a date, she acquiesced. Nice guy, uncomplicated, rough around the edges. But then they kissed. Whoa! The passion was palpable. They met several more times and the passion increased. It was exhilarating.

She knew herself enough to know that eventually, she would also need more intellectual stimulation.


Or, maybe it was time to just let go.


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