Kyla Pane - Chapter 1

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Hello Steem family, the long anticipated storyline behind the prologue I wrote eight days ago is out, I'd be dropping it in short chapters so my followers and lovers, my steemit family can follow the story....

Here's the link to the prologue to those who didn't get the chance to see it: -prologue-

How they met...

Drinking on Sunday nights were not really her thing or any other night actually, since she had to work the next morning. She took her job seriously, way too seriously.

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Even though Kyla was the Manager of the sales department, she still had to be at work as early as possible. She loved leading by example, at least that's one thing she was proud she learned from her father.

He was the CEO of Stark Firms for 16 years and had been known for always hammering on leading by example until he died a couple of years ago and his position was handed over to Zac, her rival, her competition.

She hurried down the sidewalk at about 7:02am. She couldn't afford to miss the bus. It was the only other option she had. It will be a bad example coming late to work, or worse, not coming to work at all, even though it was because her car battery died that morning. She doesn't think that's a good excuse for late coming. It was due to lack of maintenance.

She'd been too engrossed in her work, she didn't have time for anything or anyone else, probably that's why she's still single. She's always too serious, though last night she became careless, she wanted to catch a little bit of fun for a change!... And now she regrets she ever did that. She wouldn't have been this disorganized, she always had her day figured out a night to, maybe if she hadn't gotten drunk last night she could have been able to get out of bed earlier, and would have noticed the dead battery early and would have gone to the bus earlier!

She woke up late

She nearly missed the bus by a few minutes. She hurriedly entered. Just as she she hopped on, her phone slipped off her hand. She tried taking a back leap, twisting herself as far as she could to catch the phone before it hit the ground, she bent. Then she caught his hand, he caught the phone before she could.

She lifted up her head to see the face of her phone's superhero, to see who was this swift, who had this warm hand she was holding, the hand that just saved her iPhone 8's life from sudden death! Then their eyes met, with a bright smile on his face.

He was the new guy who just got into the block a couple of weeks back. He couldn't have noticed her before, or so she thought. He never acted like though he notices her or anyone else for that matter but she'd been seeing him around. He's not a guy anyone would miss noticing.

The hot guy...

He was a loner. He was cool and calm, reserved. He was handsome, he was beautiful at the same time. His build was exceptional. That morning, his abs stood out in his sweaty shirt from the morning jogging. His broad shoulders and lovely blue eyes were capturing, they expressed a lean-on-me gesture. She'd seen him smile only once or twice before but the image never left her mind, she wished they could meet up someday and say hi, when she'd ever have the time! And now they're a few breadths away from each other.

She caught his eyes

She gasped as their eyes met. She tried to reciprocate the smile with a perfect smile but one that doesn't reveal much emotions. I guess it was not working. She was dumb for a few seconds, she stuttered as the words left her mouth in a whisper,

Thanks, I mean, I couldn't, I didn't...

before she finished, he replied,

Don't worry, I rescue beautiful ladies and catch their phones.,

she blushed and said

Thank you and she got on the bus.

she couldn't stop thinking about him...

He was all that was on her mind, through out the day...

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You're back with your mind blowing stories right? I enjoy your write-up real much

Don't worry, I rescue beautiful ladies and catch their phones


Smooth talker.... Nice guy, but we never got to know his name 🤔

This is when I hate suspense man


😂 You're going to love this one, just watch out. Hope you read the prologue? You can actually guess some scenes if you have read both.

You seem awfully good describing things in your writing :)


😁😁😂😂😂... Were you trying to say "awesome"?... I guess