3 Worlds

in fiction •  last year

Three universes (a fantasy world , a sci-fi world, and our world) collide and meld together to form one.  


“Another round for my friends!” Brab shouted at the barkeep.

Bob looked around. The new bar was aptly dubbed The Intersection. There were artifacts from all their worlds strewn across the walls; shields and swords, striking 3D holographic scenes, motivational posters.

“Coming right up,” the barkeep replied.

He poured Brab a large glass of mead, Bob a beer and Bjorn a phosphoric purple mixture.

“I don’t know how you can drink that foul sludge,” Brab said.

“It is finely attuned to my tastebuds, something you clearly lack,” Bjorn replied.

“We had a word for you in my world, court jester,” Brab said nudging Bob in the shoulder a little too hard.

Bob was seated between the two men. Brab was shorter than him but not by much, rippling muscles flowed out from under his leather vest. Bjorn was several feet taller and thin, a sleek silver suit formed tightly to his frame. Bob was in regular t-shirt and jeans.

“What’s wrong with beer?” Bob asked.

“Indeed! Barkeep, bring us hither three goblets of your finest beer,” Brab said smiling.

Bob was beginning to feel woozy after downing his fifth beer. This whole last few months had felt woozy. A cataclysmic event that turned into one of the greatest melding of minds, traditions and technology. But you still need watering holes, he thought.

“Feast your eyes on this!” Brab yelled. He placed a dagger in front of the other two. It was large, the steel blade sharp and the hilt beautifully crafted with a Dragon’s head with two green emeralds for eyes.

“Quaint. Now this weapon could destroy a whole continent if calibrated correctly,” Bjorn said placing down a laser weapon; silver, sleek and compact.

Bob remained quiet. He didn’t have any weapons.

“What have you got in your pockets young fellow?” Brab asked.

Bob sheepishly fished in his pocket and produced an iPhone. He opened a music app and played a classic from his era. I get knocked down but I get up again, you are never gonna keep me down. The other two men looked at the device but didn’t say anything. Bob stopped the song and put the phone back in his pocket, his face flush. They bar was located in the newly formed Intersect neighbourhood. Not the center of technological and cultural exchange officially but many gathered to socialize and learn about each other's worlds.

“Ah look and take in this beautiful maiden hither across,” Brab said gesturing with his head towards the door. In had strolled a woman. Long dark hair fell over her shoulders and red lipstick stood out from her olive complexion. She looked around the room and her eyes fell on the three friends. She strolled up to the bar and ordered a beer.

“Here is your chance, seize it at once,” Brab whispered to Bob.

“Ah hey, how’s it goin’?” Bob asked.

“Not too bad,” the girl replied.

“What’s your name?” Bob asked.

“It’s Lisa,” the girl said smiling grabbing her beer and making her way to a couch in the corner of the room.

Brab and Bjorn looked after her. Bob gulped down hard and took a swig of beer. Brab retired to the restroom. On his way back he found a woman adorned in a flowing dress. He said one word, tossed her over his shoulder and laughed loudly. The woman kicked and pounded her fists on his back. This caused Brab to laugh even louder.

“How crude,” Bjorn said looking on unimpressed.

Brab had let the woman down but not before she pressed her lips against his ear whispering something. This made Brab grin and he returned to his friends.

“Something a little more sophisticated perhaps,” Bjorn said putting two fingers to his temple. He looked at a slender woman clothed in a sleek gold suit and closed his eyes. The woman looked at him and also put two fingers to her temple. Brab and Bob looked on; the woman laughed and blushed from across the room.

“Strange black magic,” Brab said.

After a few more drinks Bob was the first to leave.

They’re just so cool and I’m just so boring, he thought to himself as he strolled out of the bar. Sure I got that girls number eventually but those guys are just so... cool.

Bjorn and Brab looked after him as he left. They sat silently for a while.

“Can you believe it?” Brab broke the silence.

“Remarkable young man,” Bjorn said.

“Yes I wish I was born on his world. Did you see his music device?” Brab said marveling.

Bjorn nodded. They both sighed looking down into their drinks.    

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Absolutely loved the story, thank you


Thank you @scottish01 :)

Funny how we always think the other guys are cooler than we are. That was a nice story.


Grass is always greener and all that :) thanks for reading @bashadow

A short story from another galaxy. Amazing work, imagine a bar from another world, such a good idea haha totally love it. Voted and resteemed. Hope to read more from you @cizzo, you're a great writer. Greetings from planet earth!


Thank you sir! Glad you enjoyed it and I also look forward to more of your writing @yimiipsa