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The 22nd century brings an era of technological wonders—and horrors. Cybernetics and genetic engineering. Mass surveillance and social credit. Full body cyborgs and nanoscale engineering. And the pinnacle of human achievement: machine intelligence.

Edenet is the next generation of the Internet. Designed by Anatol Corporation, it will bring the power of a supercomputer to the fingertips of every user, anywhere in the world. At the heart of Edenet lies a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that regulates all traffic on the network.

And one of its lead scientists has disappeared.

Fearing the worst, Anatol hires psychic contractor James Morgan to track her down. Accompanying him is Eligia Ogrod, the mysterious assistant to Anatol’s CEO. Their investigation takes them through the militarized streets of Warsaw, a corporate fortress in Shenzhen, and the human hives of Hong Kong.

Morgan is no stranger to intrigue. Yet the deeper he digs, the more questions emerge. Who is Eligia Ogrod? What does Anatol want?

And what is the truth behind Edenet?


I'm proud to announce that EDENET, Book 1 of my post-cyberpunk thriller series Singularity Sunrise, is LIVE on Amazon! To celebrate, I'm running a mass discount on the Dungeon Samurai series.


Dungeon Samurai 1 is available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Dungeon Samurai 2 and 3 are available for USD $0.99!

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Do you want even more books? I'm running two massive promotions for ALL my books.

First up is C. L. Cannon's Fantasy & Sci-Fi book fair.


Over 100 FREE and discounted books are available here!

In addition to my own books, you'll find some of the hottest stars in LitRPG, epic fantasy, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic and other fields.

Next up is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Bargain books:


This list features some of the finest indie authors in the biz, including Book 1 of Austin Dragon's incredible cyberpunk series, LIQUID COOL.

A huge number of SFF books are out there waiting for you. There's something for every taste and genre on those links. Check them out now!


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