So good to hear that from you. As you are such a good writer that means a lot. I am afraid actually to go on. The story is quite long (and still missing more than half of it's writing - not finished yet!).

I am like a little one hoping for confirmation and only then dare to continue. LOL! :-)

LOL I know the feeling. We are little ones forever, I think. The story will write itself :) Don't worry about going on. I'm actually working on the next part of Bara's Journey when I had thought it was already finished! I'm glad you remain inside Steemit, by the way. I haven't had time to enter Discord and figure out how it works. You are a good part of this community :)

Oh, good! I am looking forward to Bara. This story got me indeed and I am glad that you plan to continue with it.

Thank you. I take your compliment cheerfully.

I got more inconsistent after deciding to drop out :) Before that, I was working here as this was my real work and I did a lot of networking and much more commenting. But after a while, I found out that it didn't do me good. So I freed myself from it and now post in a more deliberated way.

... Do you also long sometimes to meet in real life? ... Which opens up a real deep question as what would you expect from me and I from you if that would happen? Would our images match? ...

Waving hello to the little one ;-)

He waves back! (He loves waving lol) Meeting would be great! I find there are people who fear meeting those they already know online, maybe because it's alot harder to be authentic face to face. I for one get very restless when I'm around people and often talk more than I should or laugh for no particular reason.

About the deep question: It's hard not to expect something from people. I have a mental image of you as a tall, dark haired - light skin woman with subtle manners and a very good posture, maybe blue eyes? I don't know why! This is just how I see the person who writes your words.

Have you read about circles of women? There is a book/essay called The millionth Circle by Dr. Shinoda Bolen that speaks about evolution of women through circles of shared knowledge.

I understand you are a therapist? I feel that's a hard job unless you are strong in mind and very patient.

:-) Big smile.

Yes, the image of someone we haven't seen yet and only got to know through text and comments is nevertheless forming itself.

I see you as a blond which I regard to the fact that your name "blankcanvas" produces a light color in my imagination. For the rest I have no particular images in mind other than that you yourself are a polite and sensitive elegant character and deeply caring for children. ... Only a little flash of your fingers which I think are small and artistic ...?

I myself am not tall and my hair got dark from former middle blond and now brown with a lot of grey streaks. I was always slim but now nearing my fifties I gained weight (for no reason:).

I haven't heard of the circle of women but I know what you mean:)

No, I am not a therapist but a social worker and systemic consultant. LOL! Patience, yes, that indeed is required. I think I picked my work also for my development and the continuity to deal with people holds me into balance and not getting afraid of them.

What is your profession?

I graduated as a lawyer, but I was very upset at how the practice of law is in my country (Venezuela). Soon after graduation I took the Translation Test at the Ministry and became an official translator and interpreter, which is what I've been doing since my son was born, and as it turns out it's the best idea I've ever had! I get to spend all day with my son and be able to work at the same time.

My fingers are really very small lol hahaha

Big hug :)

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