Blood Shame

in fiction •  last year

The full moon made the late summer night as light as a cloudy day, but Ingrid couldn't keep walking. The pains. The relentless, recurring pains. This place should work. The stream slowed, its surface smooth. The water must be deep enough here.

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Loved it Bex! Amazing you were able to do all this while packing and flying halfway around the planet!

You really put a lot of research in for this story. I like that. Inspiration can come from anywhere, to be honest.

In regards to the actual story, I found it really good. Really current as well. It may be set 300 years ago, but rape and shame are things one cannot ignore, and they're present from the inception of society up until now. They follow us, grow with us. Religion restraining people from doing what's best for them too.

Upvoted and followed! Your research is what really tells me I've got to keep up with you. That attention to detail is the mark of a writer who loves what she's doing.


Thank you very much. Part of why I wandered from the mere seduction of the historical inspiration was to get a level of modern relevance. Plus once I started the laws just got scarier and scarier. My Danish is pretty good, but not perfect, so I might misinterpret some things. Although mostly I was reading summaries in modern Danish. It's older style Danish that I find most exhausting.


I've been there. Reading modern German isn't especially difficult for me, but older variants and most dialects will leave me steaming from my ears, it gets to a point where it just isn't possible to continue reading!

Yeah, this is amazing. Excellent work Bex. The shift, the flow, the imagery -- well done.

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WOW, Bex. This is fantastic. I'm submitting for SFT Curation.


Wow. Thanks both of you. Just being considered is a big deal. Especially considering how scatterbrained I was when working on it. Written on tablet. Edited on tablet. Edited while exhausted from flight..... It turned out better than I thought it would. Carol's edits helped a lot. I love rhino tracks and horn rips all over my document!


I concur. Fantastic!


Make that two of us

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Bex this is an amazing story! It turned out even better than I'd hoped! How did you ever pull this together with everything else you were doing? Well done.


Carol dropped everything and saved my butt twice. Otherwise I wouldn't have made it. Also I didn't sleep Saturday.

OMG - you did it!!! Fantastic, Bex.

This is amazing, Bex. hugs

Excellent story that didn't end in the disaster I expected. Nice historical backstory as well. That lends a lot more depth and context to the story than I might have thought.

Excellent! Loved it, Bex.

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