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It was the fourth day. Jerry had started wondering if anyone would ever come to save them, or if they were just going to slowly die of cold and hunger here in the desert.


This morning it was obvious that things are not going well with Amber. The others didn't look so well either. It wasn't that Amber said anything to make him think that, but if she's feeling anything like he is, tired, cold and extremely hungry, he can quite understand that she's looking the way she is.

By this time, their parents must be worried sick. Lots of thoughts run through Jerry's head and he begin to wonder whether he will ever see his parents again. They do not deserve to this, and it's heartbreaking to think that he really might not get the chance to say goodbye to them, ever. Not just Jerry, but his brother Luke and his sister Amber too. If only they knew where we were!

What should have been a great expedition, turned out like something out of a horror movie. No food, no cellphone reception, no water, no nothing, except for miles and miles of sand.

All they ever wanted to do was to catch some scorpions. The were completely rigged for this. Each had a backpack with everything they could think of, including food, water and sunscreen. They only planned for four to five hours of serious business. The plan was to go home with one scorpion each, as that was the only animal they have never seen in real life.

Why did this have to happen? Why didn't our plan work? We could have just left a note or something!

Jerry looks around, very aware of the dryness on his lips. He never appreciated water and would give anything for just a few drops. He looks at Luke who has a serious sunburn around his neck and especially across his face. In the shade of a bush, the three of them are hiding from the sun. No hope, no energy, no more faith.


The sand is extremely hot and thick. There is no way for them to walk in it without burning something, not that they would know which direction to walk in anyways. Everything looks the same and after getting lost chasing scorpions around, none of them could remember the way they came from.

Of all the things that could happen to them, it was just their luck that Amber had to go and twist her ankle. Jerry would never forget her cry for help, her screams and her absolute helplessness. There is no way that either him or Luke could help her, except for carry her around. By now, she had probably gotten used to the pain as she doesn't even complain any more. She sleeps most of the time.

"Luke, did you see that?" Jerry jumped up as fast as he could and started waving his arms around.

Luke slowly stands up to see what Jerry was on about, because the previous time, it was a camel in the distance which Jerry thought was someone who could help.

"I see something," Luke said, "but I can't make out what it is!"

"Look, there's more!" Amber said as she sat up straight to try and figure out what it is. "It's running fast!"

Jerry is worried. What if it's wild animals? It looks like animals! He did not want to say anything to Luke or Amber because he does not want them to panic. Perhaps it's better this way.

In the distance, whatever was coming their way became bigger and bigger. By the time they could make out figures, it was far too late to worry about it anyways. What should happen, should happen.

"I'm so sorry," Jerry sobbed. "It was a bad idea and I never should have gotten the two of you in this with me. I love you both and I'm so so sorry!" They all started to cry and moved closer to one another as the sounds of barking became more clearer. Wolves, hyenas, foxes, whatever they were, they were on a mission in their direction.

"Close your eyes," Luke said. With eyes shut very tightly, the three of them held each other's hands, and Amber started to say a prayer. They could hear the animals breathing heavily and coming in closer. Luke was the first one to scream.


"Eeeeauw!" he shouted out as he was licked across the face, and with that, Jerry and Amber opened their eyes. They should have been mince by now, by they weren't.

They were search and rescue dogs! "They found us!" Amber cried.

Three days later, Jerry was lying in his warm bed with his dog on his feet. He could not believe that they've been saved and that none of them were in too bad shape. After being treated in hospital for dehydration and lots of other things including Amber's ankle, what mattered was that they were all save and sound and they have learned a great deal out of this. He really thought that no one would ever find them and it was such a relief for their whole family to be reunited again.

Never, ever did they go anywhere again without making sure everyone knew where they were going, and their story had also been shared in local and international newspapers.


Hi - bly jy is terug . Geniet jou stories

Hi @alishi. Dankie jy!

Long time no see.......... welkom terug. Bly jy skryf weer stories.

Hi @anneke . Baie dankie. Ek sukkel nog om in rat te kom

Dogs are my heroes, lovely story and great to have you back.


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