Lol! Well, the story is called "Sarah, Returned," because it's a story about what happens to a girl AFTER she returns home from traveling in time. That's why the actual scenes in the past take up very little of the book (it would be mostly boring details of 17th century life anyway....I just hit the action scenes and highlights of her trip).

Sarah had a lot going on BEFORE she left, then she adapted to life in the 1600's, and now, she has returned to the present. To say she has even more to deal with now than before she left is an understatement. Sarah will be finding herself in quite a few more binds before the end of the book. :)

Keep reading to find out what interesting things happen to her, and how it is all resolved.

Poor Sarah.

I cannot wait til she engulfs herself in crypto, moves into a crypto-condo after that shack burnt down and she can park her Lambo underground with concierge service!

If I miss that day, please reply to me somewhere w the link.


Hahahaha! You will be the first to know.

But, hey, Sarah is co-heir to a fortune. She doesn't know how much yet, but it's enough she won't ever have to work again if she doesn't want to....assuming she decides to stay in the present and not go back to being a 1600's farm wife.

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