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This third episode of the Daghaarso if you did not read the first two episodes please must read them for understanding the whole story. In last episode Vikki was found the ring and he wear it and he also feels some very strong and different kind of energies or powers.
Now I try it on all of his finger and I found many of the powers but I realize that when I wear it on my right hand’s fingers then I got powers but when I wear it on my left hand’s fingers it can’t work so I realize that it works only in right hand.
When I talk about the powers I found that when I wear the ring on my first finger then I get speed, when it on my middle finger I get strength, when it on my third figure I get a power of see everything behind the wall, every hidden thing and when I put it on my small finger I realize it also not work on small finger.
Next morning when I was note lecture in class I wear it on my first finger to write speedily, my friend name is Ahsan he said “hey, you engaged? ” I said “not” he said “then why you wear a ring? ” . And after finish the lecture he tells to every friend about my ring and they start making fun of me. After that Maha ask about this ring she said “what is this? ”, I replay “This is just a ring not like wedding ring, I found it and just put it into my finger, if you don’t like I remove it ok”, ** and then she relaxed. By the way Maha, she is special for me, you know what I mean.
When last class ended Ahsan announced a birthday party of Afi on his house his real name is Aftab Malik, he is not a good gay but he is our friend so we all are ready to go for it. Maha is also ready for it but she was not go on any party before but she ready on the insistence of her new friend Fatima. When I was get ready for party I found my Mom’s blood pressure gone high and I take her to Hospital and after doctors checkup and they said “
she is fine”. I check my phone and there are lots of missed calls then I call back to Ahsan and Maha and I tell them about my situation.
After two days when I went to university I found that Maha was in group of Afi and his bad friends, who take drugs, I was very surprised and ask to Fatima about it and she said “
On party night I was in party but after few minutes my Dad call me and ask for come home and I was went home and next day when I come to university I see her with them and they also go togather after classes and she also not say hello to me, she always with them”. We are very surprised. She also said “Maha also miss her two lectures, there is something wrong, and she was not like her”. I was very depressed but I go for next lecture and I decide to talk to her about it.
I hope you enjoy this episode, Please tell me about your thoughts in comment box and must give up vote this post. The next I will tell you what happened on party night and what next happened. So keep following me for more
interesting stuff and stories.
Thank You.

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