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The following journal entries have been submitted for review.
Requests for Redacted Publication.

Repeat submit..

Journal Entry: 1
Date: 12 / 21 / 2081

  • Notes:
    What an amazing feeling to see our project nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Journal Entry: 13
Date: 01 / 12 / 2082

My name is Dr. Ryatt Welles and I invented the RyaVirus.

The implementation of the RyaVirus animal studies have proven that the Virus has the potential to cure diseases and disorders from Alzheimer's and Dementia to Traumatic brain injury and Neurological disorders.

These are just some examples from the animal trials and the list of possibilities is endless. The Virus will also enable humans with the ability to interact with computers purely on a psychic level. My colleague and friend Dr. Duhamel, a.k.a "Anqui" is head of our bioengineering and neuroscience department. Dr. Natasha Fischer is a specialist in Virotherapy. She is the newest and maybe the most valuable member of our team.

The initial theory that lead myself and Dr. Duhamel to developing the RyaVirus breakthrough is called 'Sol Project'. Sol Project will give us the ability to clone the human brain, but not just the brain, the mind also.

Journal Entry: 25
Date: 01 / 18 / 2082

Some technical specifications: The RyaVirus is a biochemically engineered virus. The purpose of this virus is to distribute and saturate the brain with electrochemically-active bioluminescent nanoparticles. These particles are distributed by the RyaVirus's RNA ejections and have been genetically engineered to interact with the hosts DNA as well as the electro-chemical reactions of the human brain.

The result: A medium to mapping the human brain for the purpose of growing a genetically identical clone, thoughts and memories included. The mappable bioluminescent ejections are recognized and interpreted by our Ai computing system, RyaAi System.

The System is designed to read and understand your thoughts. Not only are your thoughts thoroughly mapped but very specifically categorized and efficiently "understood" by the software.

  • Notes:
    Sol Project has garnered support and funding from some of the wealthiest and most powerful people from across the globe. It wont be long before we move to human trials.

  • The RyaVirus will not only enable us to clone the human brain but also the mind, thoughts and memories intact.

This will be remembered as the day man dissected the mind of God.

Journal Entry: 181
Date: 05 / 23 / 2082

Clinical trials have begun: Sol Project is now officially a top secret military project.

Clinical Trials Phase 1: Early-stage clinical trials of the RyaVirus. The first stages of human testing will involve 100 volunteers.

Sol Project, on the surface, has become a completely separate program.

With the amount of secrecy and funding involved in Sol Project clinical trials are moving along faster than expected. I have raised certain concerns with our investors but they seem reluctant in their considerations. Their motivation is based on one of the more obscure bi-products of our discovery.

The theory consists of mapping a subjects mind and implanting memories from the original subject into a younger healthier clone, essentially we could extend the subjects life indefinitely. In theory, swapping a mind from one body to another, same thoughts but in a new body. Any such experiments are a long ways off.

That is if such experiments would ever be approved.

Journal Entry: 420
Date: 12 / 02 / 2082

Clinical Trials Phase 2: We have enrolled a variety of subjects. So far we have had 100% success with our results.

Unfortunately our team is under increasingly restrictive regulations with respect to secrecy. I'm afraid I can no longer include specific details about our work. My colleagues and I are on the brink of changing life for every human being on earth as we know it. Its a small sacrifice to pay for such an extraordinary honor.

Myself, Dr. Natasha Fischer and Dr. Anqui, along with our many volunteers, have been moved to a top secret laboratory and our team has been given access to unlimited funding. Its really incredible, the base which houses our new and now permanent living quarters is fully stocked with restaurants, an olympic sized pool and even a casino.

Natasha, who is now head of bio-engineering, she has been given her own lab. She is by far one of the brightest minds I have ever met and her work has been essential in furthering developments in biotechnology and virotherapy with which the military has a special vested interest.

Journal Entry: 513
Date: 02 / 24 / 2083

Natasha has been moved to another site entirely in an unknown location.

Anqui and I have been traveling around the globe from one military compound to another, helping to establish other top secret sites for only God knows what. Its a strange feeling handing over all of our work to other scientists especially when we aren't even meeting with them face to face. The restrictions are sometimes suffocating but this is life now.

With clinical trials reaching such a critical stage in such a short time, I have decided to subject myself to the RyaVirus. It's my baby after all and despite Anqui's objections I have complete faith in what we are doing.

I have been approved as a volunteer.

<...system activated> / RyaAi Systems inc.

Journal Entry:667 - D Subject
Date: 07 / 13 / 2084

The notes contained in this journal are a memoire of my experiences and achievements. This is officially my first journal entry using the Ai system and the RyaVirus. It takes a little getting used to, controlling the output is as easy as thinking about it.

I can log in and write an entry without lifting a finger. Everything is transmitted, via the EEG headband, directly to my personal computer. Sentences appear in the blink of an eye, this is a thoroughly efficient method for taking notes and communicating within the lab. Once Anqui gets onboard and stops being such a sourpuss we'll be able to get twice as much work done. I can't blame him for being intimidated, I am a sort of mutant now after all. Anqui likes to refer to Frankenstein but I don't quite agree with his interpretation.

Journal Entry:1127 - D Subject
Date: 02 / 14 / 2085

Clinical Trials Phase 3: We have now enrolled 3000 subjects and have officially expanded to 3 operational sites worldwide. The RyaVirus is being considered for FDA approval and will be the first medical treatment ever that will completely wipe out several hundred diseases. Some potential treatments involve rebuilding and cloning specific neurological brain functions and are still in the experimental stage. The Virus is being hailed as a 'Miracle drug'.

What the public are being told and what we are actually working on is, of course, significantly different. Sol Project is still years away from mass adoption let alone clinical trials and after my last communication with Natasha, I realized that when motivated by everlasting life, anything is possible.

We have to accept that with every great discovery there has always been consequences and the cat, so to speak, is out of the bag. Military interests are Natasha's world and always has been, with her background in studying mind control and genetically enhanced mutations. The military no doubt has her working on building some kind of super soldier. I worry about where her work will force her to go both morally and ethically.

This is not suppose to be our primary motivation. We are supposed to be entering "post-marketing studies" and everything is being held back for this ridiculous science experiment. RyaVirus is my creation so I can't help but feel a certain amount of responsibility. Anqui and I are going to be meeting with our investors and some of the top advisors who have been, until now, our only link to the outside world. I need to connect with whoever out there holds clearance for such things. Like it or not we are the only two people who fully understand the Virus and until now, as far as I know, nobody has been able to reverse engineer what we have done.

Today I asked myself that very question, what have we done!?

Journal Entry:1207 - D Subject
Date: 05 / 20 / 2085

I am officially requesting to be relieved of my position.

Anqui and I are in agreement at least on this, our project has been overrun by special interests and we are being forced to experiment in ways that we can't even begin to describe. Though human trials are being hailed as a success they are from from it, at least from any moral perspective.

I have to be extra cautious in how I word my journals, information is being redacted automatically by the Ai. The system may have been compromised and I fear the worse. We are growing ever more concerned by the second for the safety of our team. I should have been more suspicious of my granted approval to subject myself to the Virus. My deepest most personal thoughts are no longer safe. Certain tests have been performed where volunteers have had their minds cloned and connected to the Ai, they are living in a computer simulated world.

This is not what we signed up for. I cant imagine what they did to Natasha to persuade her into developing and adapting such irresponsible methods.

Journal Entry:1127 - D Subject
Date: 07 / 03 / 2085

We have not been allowed to leave the base. Any attempt at contacting the outside world seems pointless at this stage.

Today I was asked to subject myself to Sol Project as a volunteer. They want me to upload a copy of my mind to a cloned host brain. This is what they had Natasha working on. They want to create a puppet version of myself and my colleagues. Versions of our team that can be controlled via the RyaAi System. I have refused and am now in fear for my life. They could clone me and replicate my thoughts but they can never erase my soul.

I will never give them what they want.

Date: 07 / 13 / 2086

<...system override> / RyaAi Systems inc.
...Error / unknown data entry.
<Subject unknown> / DNA not sequenced.
<New DNA sequence accepted> / ... processing data
E Subject.. loaded

Journal Entry: 1
Date: 07 / 13 / 2084

The notes contained in this journal are a memoire of my experiences and achievements. This is officially my first journal entry using the Ai system and the RyaVirus. It takes a little getting used to, controlling the output is as easy as thinking about it ...

The End.

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This was a short story by: Atomica

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