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April 12, 2026.

This diary has been recovered from a dilapidated house we found near the suburbs. A good looking house but smells funny. There was no-one there. Tracey, Lara, Daniel, Dave and I broke into this house. They said it's haunted. The doors of this house haven't been opened for 10 years. I'm sure. The only thing worthwhile we found is this diary. Looks pretty cool. We promised to open and read it when all of us meet again. Looks like today's the day. Dave and Daniel are busy fighting, trying to prove their masculinity in-front of the other girls, obviously because I'm not the best looking person, also pimples. Thanks genes! I hear Lara calling out to me. We're finally going to read it, so stoked!! It's kind of funny how I'm writing all this in my diary and waiting to read someone else's. Probably, someone will find my diary in a old dilapidated house one day.

April 12, 2012.

Hello. This was exactly what he said to me. I wish I hadn't replied, but I don't know what in the devil was wrong with me. Perhaps I just wanted to break the stereotype and wanted to show that not all men are the same. I have never been so wrong in my life.

The first time I responded with a simple 'Hello' , I waved back and smiled. I realised that he boarded the same bus as I, so we started what seemed like an awkward conversation but then gradually became rather interesting. I learned that he was a young software engineer and actually worked very close to my office too. His house was on the way to mine, and thus, the same bus. I was positive that this was the start to a great friendship. One that I longed for.

April 30, 2012.

Pretty soon, things started getting really complicated between the two of us. He confessed that he grew fond of me, and I admit, I was fond of him too, although I never confessed it to his face. We would talk endlessly on the phone, on our ride to office and back- he became an integral part for not choosing the office bus- and even go on small cute coffee dates. I don't think friendship is meant to last in a relationship of the two opposite genders, but friendship is of little value when you date someone this wonderful. What could possibly go wrong? It was like a dream I wish I never woke up from. Oh, look! He just sent me a text!! oh.. okay.. I think I might be waking up

Dave- Oh for fuck's sake!!! Where are the rest of the pages? Did you tear them out? I know you did.

I- I haven't done anything. This is the first time it's being opened.

Dave- Give me the rest of the pages you twit!

Tracey- Good grief, stop fighting. If the pages aren't here. Then they aren't. She probably hasn't done anything to the diary.

May 20, 2012.

One day, while we were taking the bus back home he told the most ridiculous thing that no independent and strong woman wants to hear happened. I thought this was a fad and would soon fade away, but then he tells that wants to marry me. Despicable! Yes we both were 25, and yes our parents were pestering us to get married, but I didn't want to. It had been only a couple of months since we started dating and the thought of marriage was far from it. Things didn't have to turn out like this and this was merely the beginning. When I was convincing him of what a bad idea this was, he confided in me and told something so horrendous that I realised he was nothing more than one of those chauvinist pigs! He is married and the father of two. He says that after 5 years of marriage he got bored of what his wife had to offer so he went in search of another and found me. Reassuring me that he'll never get bored of me and that he loves me so much to satisfy every need of mine, yeah right. Everybody just wants to get inside a woman's pants and then leave them. What do you think we are? A place to just shoot your kids in whenever you want, you just empty it all in us and then walk away like nothing ever happened. Oh the rage that overcame me!

Dave- Oh lookey! More missing pages.

Lara- Rolling her eyes Moving on.

June 1, 2012.

It didn't end there. Like a wild young person, I made a pretty stupid decision to take a nice house near the suburbs and though it'd make my daily commute to the city long, I would at least be away from all the noise and distractions of the city. Cut away from the world, a perfect dream home for any introvert, but it did come with a lot of disadvantages. There were countless nights where he'd call me and ask me to come near the window that overlooks the road. He....he... forced me to undress in-front of the window so he could pleasure himself. If I refused, he threatened to break in and rape and murder me. At first I thought it was a bluff but when I found him in my house upon returning from work one day, I knew it wasn't something to be taken lightly, and yes, he did rape me that night. He also promised to kill me if I informed anyone. The cops, my family, his family. Damn my life! To Fucking hell with it! If only I had shut my mouth that day. If I never responded to him none of this would happen, but no, the almighty has to bless me in every miserable way possible.

June 30, 2012.

Soon, things started to change and for the better. Beneath the facade of a rapist and murderer, I realised what he truly was, what his demeanor actually meant. He truly did love me. His was only a childish way of revolting to make sure his demands were met. One he explained to me the true worth of woman and her position in society, I actually accepted him as my master. I now knew that my true aim in life was to be accepted by a man and satisfy him in anyway which he deems is fit. This didn't affect me one bit. This was the true position of a woman in our society and has been prevalent for many years, no use changing it now. Old is gold i guess. Anyway, I did agree to marry him but only if he left his wife and kids and chose to start a new life with me, and so he did. Soon the divorce lawyers settled everything, in the eyes of the law, I was his new wife. Though young, he was doing quite well for himself and the family wealth just deepened his pockets so financially, nothing really bothered him. As for me, a big bungalow, cars and servants at my disposal, I was living the dream.

Tracey- I have no clue what is happening here. This woman is weird.

Lara- Gold digger. Only possible explanation.

Dave- Typical women.

Tracey- Maybe we can do a play on this story and Dave can be the chauvinist pig. It even suits your personality.

I- Can we please continue.

Dave- yeah, stop disturbing us. Sheesh.

September 4-12, 2012.

Soon we left for our honeymoon and upon our return, I convinced him to stay at my place for a couple of nights. I explained to him the erotic nights we would have with no-one to stop us. At least one good thing about a place being cut-off from the city. On the first night, I came in my new expensive lingerie that he bought for me. Really kinky, I must say. He said I could do all sorts of wild things to him and so I started off by tying his arms and legs to the bed and gagging him with a huge swab of cotton. Slowly as I went down on him, he screamed in pain and started shaking violently. I rose up and looked alarmed. It was really weird to me that he would mind the physical pain of his testicles being cut. He said I could do anything to him. The first night wasn't any fun. I had to leave half the skin dangling.

Daniel- This diary. Dude ! This diary belonged to a clinically insane woman. Suddenly, this isn't as entertaining as before.

I- you're right. It isn't. But there are hardly any pages left. Two in-fact. Let's just finish this.

Dave- Grow a pair, man. This is probably some random shit she wrote when she was high or drunk.

September 13-17, 2012.

The second night I managed to cut his entire male pride. Thirsty and hungry and screaming in pain for the entire day; ah! What fun! As the days went by, I slowly started to disembowel him and finally when I had managed to remove a majority of his entrails, he died. He didn't last as long as the previous one. What an actual disappointment. After cleaning the room, I threw him in the basement with the rest of the rotting corpses. It's a good thing that the mini purgatory lies beneath my beautiful basement garden so no-one actually gets the smell. The worms feed on them and occasionally me too.

September 20, 2012

I knew it, I knew I shouldn't have said hello. If I had kept my mouth shut that day I wouldn't have to kill another being. For almost a year I had managed to stop the killing but now with him dead and the rancid breath of death filling the air, I know I must claim my next victim. Now here I stand, at the same bus-stop and found this really cute guy. Let's see how long this lasts.

Daniel- you guys do realise that this is woman was demented. Probably possessed too.

Tracey- it's nothing but a good story. But yea, demented nonetheless.

Dave- this story makes me sick. Can we just return the diary tomorrow?

I- Yes. We'll do that.

Lara- but for now, MOVIE TIME!! You guys setup the laptop and connect it to the T.V, I'll change and come.

Tracey- And i'll make the popcorn.

15 minutes later.

Dave- The popcorn's nearly over and the movie is about to start. Where is she? Tracey, go call her. I'd love to, but you know.

Tracey- yea yea.

*Goes on top. Tracey screams. Everyone rushes in. *

I- what the hell is going on here? Lara?

Daniel- What the fuck?! Lara!

Lara lies there in a pool of blood with her throat slit open.Just as everyone is breaking down, they hear this voice coming from behind them and saying exactly this, "Hello."

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