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Last night, before going to bed I saw my friend Mac’s post on Instagram and read the caption. The caption had something to do with "Netflix and suggestions he needed on what'd be the best to watch?!"I personally prefer Horror Movies so that was the first thing that crossed my mind but I usually comment very late on his photo therefore didn't provided no input from my side and fell asleep. Thinking of Horror movies just before falling asleep was the biggest mistake of my life.
I saw my sister Honey walking all alone in an isolated area and there was this weird looking guy who was following her, she was totally unaware that she was being followed by some stranger. I could see everything happening in front of my eyes!!I wanted to alert Honey but couldn't utter even a single word; I was dumbstruck, was so scared and never have I felt this helpless ever before. Suddenly something happened, that guy and I somehow happen to have an eye contact and he left the premises. I took a sigh of relief and thank god that nothing happened to Honey.
Suddenly, the entire location changed; it was a pitch dark room where I and my brother Sunny were trying to console Honey for something (reason not known). It was so dark that we could barely see each other, Honey fell asleep and I heard some sort of snoring which sounded more like "Gooooo niiiii" the sound was rather spooky. I told my brother that "listen, I can hear somebody snoring and the sound is really frightening! Seems like somebody is saying Good night in a petrifying voice" he didn't believe me for the first time and suddenly (Honey out of the scene)....Booommmm!!! we both got pulled from one end of the room towards the opposite wall, seemed as if there was some super strong negative power that was pulling us both.
We looked up on the roof and what do we see? "Dark scary star-shaped creatures" hanging up on the ceiling fan, their eyes were shining no less than some star, teeth were razor-sharp and there was blood all over their faces. The moment they knew that we had seen them, they began to chase us both...I was panting heavily but gathered energy and started running, both of us were horrified to the core and were gasping for air. I somehow knew it was all happening in my dream and wanted to wake up but was unable to, "Dhaadddd" unexpectedly I woke up.
Ufffffffff....It's usually cold at nights but there was sweat all over my face and around my neck, I extended my hand for the phone and checked the time : It was 3:07AM , I woke up from my bed and rushed to the washroom. I entered the washroom with my eyes closed, switched on the lights and rubbed my eyes as the lights were passably infuriating to my eyes. The vision was blurry in the beginning, I stood at the door until my vision became clear! The moment everything became clear I saw the same Star Shaped creature sitting on the WC, I was terrified and ran out of the washroom. As I stepped into my room, my room was tranformed into a dark forest, there were snakes and creepy Crowley creatures everywhere. I just didn't know what was going on. There was Mac himself in one corner of the forest, I was even more scared after seeing him as he had a long heavy snake coiled around his legs and a rhino on his shoulders...Suddenly!! Tring Tring Tring and I woke up, it was my alarm ringing that is when I realized that I was dreaming within my dream and I woke up in my dream not in real.
I am happy it was just a dream because somethings are better if inexperienced.
- Amrita Singh

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Lol.... Dream inside a dream 😂😂


😂😂It was scary tho