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Hello and welcome to the last part of this Campaign Setting! Here you will find pre-generated characters ready to be used. They are also examples of the varying degrees of complexity a character can have. Notice that both characters are equally valid and equally “powerful” in terms of game mechanics.

If you need a refresher on how this campaign and setting work, take a look here:

Claw of Cerberus
Roleplaying Campaign & Setting

This first character shows you how simple a character sheet can be, you just need something to write to be able to make a character, and after one or two times, making up characters from the scratch can take a little over half an hour, which is great if you compare it to the session-long character creation processes of other games. This is a virtue of Unisystem, and all credits go to them for figuring it out.

These easy character sheets are also great for new players. As they will not be scared by a sheet that includes logarithmic calculations. Do keep in mind though, that there is some basic math involved, it is not a purely narrative character creation system. If you need to take a look at the character creation rules to see how these two fit in there, you can find the AFMBE book HERE.

Character 1
Valeria DiMarco
(Full Runa Guinea Pig Farmer)

Background: Valeria was born and raised in The Bowels, she has never seen the Sun, but has learned to find confort in the animals she looks after. Guinea pigs are one of the few animals that can survive inside the volcano, so they are a stable food of The Bowels, some say this is in fact an ancestral tradition.

Base Stats

  • Strength 3
  • Dexterity 4
  • Constitution 3
  • Intelligence 3
  • Perception 3
  • Willpower 4

Derived Stats (Need Math, see book)

  • LPs 34
  • EPs 35
  • Spd 14
  • Essence 28


  • Artistic Talent (3)
  • Cruel 1 (-1)
  • Gift (5)
  • Inspiration (5)
  • Nerves of Steel (3)
  • Lazy (-2)
  • Resistance (Alcohol) 3 (3)
  • Resistance (Pain) 2 (2)
  • Showoff (-2)
  • Character bundle qualities (Special)


  • Brawling 3
  • Dodge 2
  • Electronics 1
  • Escapism 2
  • Intimidation 3
  • Notice 1
  • Play Instrument (Electro Drums) 5
  • Streetwise 4
  • Stealth 2

P.A.D., Broom, Farmer’s Apron, BN Rum, 2x Energy Bars, 2x Guinea Pig Meat Jerky.

cuy asado.jpg

Character 2
Stephan Dunn
(Wolf Trooper)

Base Stats

  • Strength-3
  • Dexterity-3
  • Constitution-2
  • Intelligence-3
  • Perception-1
  • Willpower-2

Derived Stats

  • Life points 33
  • Endurance points 26
  • Speed 10
  • Essence 14


  • Brawling 4
  • Firearm pistol 1
  • Dodge 4
  • Block 3
  • Sword 4
  • Intimidation 3
  • Martial Arts 2
  • Questioning 2
  • Stealth 4
  • Streetwise 2
  • Tracking 2
  • Surveillance 2

GM Tip: This sheet originally had no inventory at character creation. As a GM you can always give your players their gear ‘manually’, it feels like a bit of a free reward round, and you can be sure players got items they either wanted or hated, but nothing that will be just written down and forgotten


  • Skull Wolf: Your character is in the Skull Wolf gang. He must wear the Skull Wolf at all times or risk being shot on sight.
  • Wolves’ Fangs: Famous for their tactical mastermind and quick reflexes, all Wolves are trained in many forms of combat. +2 To Brawling, +1 to any firearm skill.
  • Wolves Pride: When shit hits the fan Wolves are expected to take the front line, after a time such a feat becomes second nature. When not first in initiative, the Wolf may reroll his initiative and take the second roll ONLY IF it puts him first. Else, he keeps his original roll.
  • Mentor (Head Wolf): You have never actually seen the guy’s face. He wears a black wolf mask all the time. However he has acted as a paternal figure to you. You learnt some of your best moves from him, and he often repeats how much potential he sees in you. (+1 dodge, +1 Block)
  • Mentor (Head Wolf, Rank): Your talent quickly earned you ranks in the Skull Wolves. You’ve ascended to the rank of Pack Leader. (You must name your Pack) and have earned yourself some ‘special’ assignments in the gang before. Contacts (Pack) +2
  • Nerves of Steel (3-point Mental Quality): A character with this Quality is almost impossible to scare. Whether he is too dumb or too tough to be frightened is open to question, but he can keep his cool even in the face of unspeakable horror. Only the most bizarre and terrifying situations make an impression on a fearless character, and even then he has a good chance of not succumbing to panic. The character must make Fear Tests (see Getting Scared, p. 96) only when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and gains a +4 bonus to his roll even then.
  • Hard to kill: Characters with this Quality are extremely tough, and can withstand an amazing amount of damage before going down. Even after being severely wounded, medical attention has a good chance of reviving them; scarred but alive. This Quality is bought in levels. Level 5 is the highest possible for human beings. Each level of Hard to kill adds 3 Life Points to the character’s Pool. Additionally, each level adds a +1 bonus to Survival Tests (see Survival and Consciousness, p. 112). For obvious reasons, this is a very useful Quality for Survivors and the Inspired.
  • Acute Hearing, smell and sight: An Acute Sense gives the character a +3 bonus to any Perception-related Test or Task that relies on that sense.


  • Wolves Stigma: Let’s face it. You are buffed, always carry weapons and armor and you’re in a gang called “Skull Wolves”. People will assume that you don’t have a lot of lights, regardless of whether this is the case or not. (-1 to charisma)
  • Wolves Stigma: If rival gangs see a Wolf walking around with other members of the triad, they will assume they are looking for trouble. (RP effects)
  • Mentor (Head Wolf): Getting along with the top dog also means that you have certain obligations, even more than a common gang member. Obligations (3, Skull Wolves). Read: Obligations Quality.
  • Mentor (Head Wolf, Rank): Many envy and outright despise you for what you have earned. This means you will find enemies in the most unexpected of places. Enemy. Read: Enemy Drawback. Come up with three ‘possible’ enemies and GM will pick one of those for you to keep.
  • Humorless (1 Point Mental Drawback):The Humorless character lacks the ability to laugh at life, and takes everything with the utmost seriousness. Other people’s attempts at humor leave him cold or annoy him. Most people find this facet of his personality to be unattractive or bothersome. Clowns and practical jokers most likely select the Humorless as their favorite target.
  • Honorable Level 1 (1 Point Mental Drawback): These characters do not lie or betray friends or loved ones, or people they respect. Anybody else, especially people from groups they dislike or are prejudiced against, are fair game.
  • Cruel Level 1 (1 Point Mental Drawback): This character would never hurt a friend or a loved one. Enemies, especially those who have really angered him, are a different matter. He enjoys inflicting pain (mental or physical) on those he feels “deserve what they get.” Characters with this level of cruelty are capable of committing atrocities under the right circumstances, but will not go out of their way to find opportunities.
  • Impaired taste (2-point Physical Drawback):
    An Impaired Sense gives a similar -3 penalty to Perception-based Tests or Tasks.

Hello! Thank you for making this far, I hope these are useful to you, and please let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to follow me if you’d like to see more of these, and if you do, let me know if you have any ideas.

I’ll see you next time.

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This is great Josh, keep up the good work!

Part one is up by the way, hope to see you participate : )

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hahha this is so coool man loving it...the guinea pig farmer yes! love pen and paper rpg just recently got into pathfinder but finding it a bit number heavy thinkn of swapping to dnd.....will check out this ruleset to