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The Noise of Words...

When he arrived, it was 12:00 at night. She had called the office, but no one had answered. She had also called him on his cell phone, but the answering machine was always down. He was afraid that something had happened to him: an accident, a robbery; death could be behind any corner of the city. The two girls were also worried that the father hadn't arrived. She calmed them down by telling them a story. One where the girls were princesses rescued by a Prince Charming and where they would live happily ever after.


She heard when the husband put the key in the lock of the house. The noise woke her up or maybe she wasn't completely asleep. Perhaps, as always, she only had her eyes closed. The man abruptly opened the door to the room as well. She squeezed her eyes tightly, praying that the husband would fall asleep. Tomorrow I would ask her where she had been and with whom. Not today, tomorrow when he was sober. At that moment she felt hands taking her from behind. They took her by her neck and by her hair. She felt the smell of alcohol entering her nostrils. She didn't move. Her mouth closed, without saying a word. Eyelids heavy, immobile, like heavy blinds. She remained silent, silent in the face of man's abuse. Not a tear, not a word came out of her.


While the man's body lay on the bed, the woman got up and went to the bathroom. He took a cold shower and looked at the marks the man had left on his body. It was not the first time these abuses occurred, nor would it be the last time, I was sure. He remembered the first time they fought as boyfriends. He put his hand on his face remembering that moment. Then came more fights and more insults. You'll never find a man like me, he had yelled at him while they were fighting. No one will notice a poor woman like you, he repeated a thousand times. The only man who can stand you is me, said the man with a finger and a mocking smile. The family also said: What are you going to do alone and with two daughters? He mistreats you, but he loves you, you must understand that he does not know how to show his love. Some even dared to ask: "But what did you do that is so annoying? The water in the shower hid its tears.


The next morning, the woman got up and prepared breakfast in silence. When the husband sat at the table, the quiet woman served him food. The night before seemed so far away, so she told him nothing of what had happened. Maybe the alcohol had made him behave that way, maybe he had even forgotten it or she had dreamt it. Sometimes it's better not to wake up the hurricane, she had been told several times by her friends. The man ate his food and with a brief greeting went out into the street. There was no kissing or apology, just a gesture with the head that summed it all up. The woman sat there drinking a cold coffee that tasted more bitter and sadder than usual.


At night, the woman looked at her watch: 10:30. Nervously she thinks that the husband has not arrived. She thinks that maybe something has happened to her: delinquency unleashed, death hidden in a corner. The girls want me to read them a story. She goes to the daughters' room and begins to tell them the story of fairies and adventure. In this story the princess fights against the dragon and against the prince. The princess doesn't need anyone to save her. In this story, the princess saves herself.

This story is made in homage to all the women of the world. I remind you that you can vote for @adsactly as a witness and join our server in discord. Until a next smile. ;)

Written by: @nancybriti

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@nancybriti, Life is beautiful for short time but the pain extends for long and in my opinion Human Beings face different kinds of harassments and go through from traumas.

Most of the times people have to stand strong and have to fight their own battles because no one else stand for them. Life is very weird journey.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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According to your words, @chireerocks. I think sometimes it is necessary to understand that being strong is not power with everything, but to overcome the pain and continue. There are some schemes that have to be broken because sometimes we are the worst jailers of ourselves. Blessings also for you.

Yes. We are the one who create a cage for ourselves, when we have all the freedom to fly like a bird. Stay blessed.

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A painfully beautifully told story, @nancybriti. To know that women anywhere in the world (and not just in underdeveloped countries) continue to be exposed to so much abuse despite alleged advances in rights is distressing. Certainly, it will be first of all the woman herself who, in the first place, has to assume her defense and safeguard. Thank you for sharing this post. Greetings.

That's right, @josemalavem! We, the women, are the ones to defend our rights and our physical, mental and spiritual integrity. Thank you for your comment.