The Sword Whisperer – How it all began

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Sir Lekton was standing in front of the door to his tower. He seemed annoyed at what was happening in front of him. Why couldn't peasants just take care of themselves.

There had been an accident in the forest while the villagers were cutting trees. These trees were meant to build a new bridge over the little stream that cut Halmsborough from most of the fields. It would represent a huge improvement for everybody if instead of fording the stream they could use a dry bridge. That what happens when clueless villagers were asked to do a special task. While cutting the base of a tree, it snapped and buried 8 people under it. Most of them died on the instant and for the others, death would probably follow in a couple of days. Nobody knows how to mend bones here around anyway.

Well it was already bad enough to loose one out of ten of his subjects. But now he also had to deal with these two kids that had lost their whole family. They were too young to realize how their lives had changed. What should he do with them. He couldn't take them into the tower.

„Who wants them?“ sir Lekton asked to the villagers in front of him.

Of course nobody came forward. Who wants to fill two more bellies when there was hardly enough food for most of them.

„Lord, you pay for them?“ asked one of the villagers.

Sir Lekton dreaded this question. According to the law, it would probably be his task to pay for the kids since their parents died while working for him. But anyway he was the law in Halmsborough and none of his subjects knew how to read or write.

„Of course not, they are of your kind. So take care of them“ he answered. „But if one of you takes care of them, I'm willing to offer him that he has to pay only half of his taxes for two years“.

That stirred some murmurs among the crowd. A big bearded guy pushed through the crowd. „I'll take them, they can use my wife's bed“. It was Ulf the blacksmith who had spoken. He had lost his wife in childbirth. She and his first son didn't make it.

For Sir Lekton this was a big relief. The problem was dealt with and he could go back into his tower. He loathed to spend his time with the villagers. They were so dumb and their smell was just too much for him. „Fine you may take them blacksmith and I will reduce your taxes for the next two years. Try to make sure that they get enough to eat though“.

Once the Lord gone, Ulf asked the villagers around him. „Somebody knows the name of the two kids?“ The others just shook their head and left the square in front of the tower. The casualties were just buried and there was work to be done. Ulf turned to the two boys „What's your names lads?“ No answer came from them because they were just too small to say a word. „Well I'll call you Ivan and Eric“. They were twins but didn't resemble each other much. Ivan had brown hair and hazelnut eyes, whereas Eric was blond. Ulf took the boys in his strong arms and carried them to his hut.


I hope you liked this chapter of the Sword Whisperer. You can read the rest of the story soon. Upvote and Resteem if you liked it and follow @achim03 if you want to know what will happen to Ivan, Eric and Ulf.

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I did like it, followed you too:)


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

You are really good at this.... Just couldn't help but notice your quotation marks are off... Seems you aren't a native speaker of English? Somehow, it reminds me of Spanish.

Good job mate. :)


Hi @solcross, thank you for pointing out about the quotations mark. I've made a copy paste from open office which has french settings... You were not far off the mark ;-). My mother tongue is Swiss German but I've done all my schools in French to later study in English... On my computer this translates into a situation where Windows is in German, Open Office in French and I write in English.... Not very efficient I have to admit ;-). Thanks for stopping by!


Hahaha... Loving this. I can imagine. Your English is actually great, if only my French was half as good! Continue enjoying your weekend, mate. Cheers

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Thank you for dropping ur link at my post. I just upvoted and resteem your post goodluck


Thank you very much!