Apologies! For how late I am with the results of the competition!

in fiction-trail •  2 years ago 

I'm painting you see... no, not the artistic and beautiful way @opheliafu paints, I'm, glossing and emulsioning like there's no tomorrow. Spring Cleaning and I'm early with it.

We have house valuers coming round you see...


Anyway, back to the competition. I'll get the results to you tomorrow (Tuesday) and the official results, along with the prize-giving ceremony (there isn't one, sorry, just the promised and hard-earned rewards paid into the accounts) will be announced shortly after.


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Hang in there, dear... Life happens! No worries! ;) 😄😇😄



Thank you and yes, it does :)

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Have you painted everything brilliant white or a nice magnolia?

thanks for the upvote, am following you now, not a lot of women with good content imho, you have cool posts, cheers