Finished That Quilt!

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20200321_161902 trimmed_1.jpg

While I was visiting my sister in Arizona, I hand-sewed the binding onto the quilt. Her craft table beneath a sky light was the perfect place for that job. She made those cute little pin cushions I'm borrowing.


About two weeks ago, my quilting friend, Ms. B., showed me how to make a sleeve for a dowel rod and hand-sew it to the back of the quilt. Yesterday my hubby cut the dowel rod to the right length and drilled holes near the ends for the string. Today my son positioned the hook and hung the quilt over our stairway. I am very pleased with it.

My previous quilting posts were long ago, but if you'd like to see the work in progress, here are the link.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

All photos taken on my Android phone.


@scribblingramma I love your quilt, beautifully done. My Granny used to make quilts, she sewed each square by hand. I wish I had one of her quilts but other family members took them. I have them in my mind.

Thank you! I don't know if I will make another one, but at least I have an idea how to do it now. It was a lot of work, and very precise.

Beautiful! I love the colours and the flower print fabric and how you coordinated them in the different patterns. I hope it will bring you some joy in these hard times every time you look at it :)

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