OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! This kitten is sooooo cute!!!!! 😍. How is your wife? I hope she feels better. Have a nice week!

This is a kitten from my friend @kensai (Bro, its time to make a first post!).
She is feeling muc better. Thank you for asking❤️She change her diet and the antibiotic are starting to work. Next week she has another recto&gastroscopy....then, we will see how much, did the immune sistem improved... We all think, that the whole epi. seizures, cloud come from the morbus crohn. 🤔

Glad Tina is feeling much better Tomaz 🤗🌈🌴🦋💛

❤️ Thank you @sallybeth23 🤗

I really hope everything will be better soon! ❤️
Sally, what was the name of the medicine you told me at the meeting?

CBD 🤗 I’m a long time user and my health is 👌 Now Tina has start using it... but it takes time.... I’m all about alternative medicine 👊 Also I had the opportunity to meet Rick Simpson 🤗 My friend had cancer ( RIP ).... Rick bought the first plane ticket to Slovenia to meet help him...
@flamingirl we are so grateful for all the positive vibes, that you and @sallybeth23 has send us❤️❤️❤️

It's a subject that I discover and interests me very much! What are the CBD benefits apart from epilepsy?
I'm so sorry for your friend... (RIP) 🙏
You're welcome! And we hope to meet Tina and you soon! ❤

CBD is just one of many beneficial substance... The use of such natural medication is beneficial for the body, but in the right dose. What is the right dose? hard to say... start small and then work you way up...
It’s use for reduce headache... to stomach cramps... to reducing pain... maybe cure cancer!?
Read about ❤️ Rick Simpson ❤️
It's not just CBD that cures your body... It's all the substance, that are in the plant. ❤️ From all tetra cannabinoids ... to CBD

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