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Hello to all photography lovers!

As you know, I love photography and contests ^^ Almost every day I propose a speed-game and you are every time more to join us =). After the success of my second MACRO-PHOTO CONTEST, I decided to make a new one.

The " WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST " will open MONDAY, october 8 my Steemians friends!!!

So you have all weekend to make pictures of your favorite animals!

I can't wait to see all your entries 😄😄😄!!!


In my last contests, there were dishonest participants who used pictures of other people. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior! The philosophy of this platform is based on quality and authenticity, not copy. That's why I have to put in place strict rules to avoid cheating. I let you discover the rules of this contest my Steemians friends.

It starts MONDAY 8 at 0:01! 50 SBD TO WIN!


1st place: 30 SBD

2nd place: 10 SBD

3rd place: 5 SBD

4th place: 5 SBD

The 8 RULES are simple:

To be considered for the contest,

➊ Your animal photography must be YOUR OWN WORK and must be accompanied by a PROOF. It can be:

  • A 2nd photography with a paper with "My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl" IN FRONT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY. Not only a paper because it does not prove anything. Thank you ^^.

Example by @boddhisattva:

  • You in the photo with the animal

  • A video of the same animal

  • The photo of your camera with the image on the screen

Example by @arisinho:

This second photo does not count for the contest but it is the proof that the first one is an original photo. This avoids any attempt at plagiarism that is not tolerated on this platform
Any attempt at plagiarism will be reported to the @steemcleaners

➋ Your photography must be accompanied by an explanation of at least 50 words (in English, French or Spanish)

➌ Your entry must be published on your personal Steemit account with the title "My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl"

➍ Your photography blog must be posted before 0:00 of the day Time zone in Spain to be valid. After midnight, it will be part of the next selections day. Each user has 1 entry per day that will be valid for the challenge.

The contest starts in 3 days: Monday, October 8.

Calendar for the 7 days:

1st photo: Monday, October 8
2nd: Tuesday, October 9
2nd: Wednesday, October 10
3rd: Thursday, October 11
4th: Friday, October 12
5th: Saturday, October 13
6th: Sunday, October 14
7th: Monday, October 15

Winner Announcement: Tuesday, October 16.

➎ You need to be my follower and UPVOTE 100% this post =)

➏ You must use the "#fg-photocontest" tag in your article. So I can find your entry easily otherwise it is lost among all the blogs posted on Steemit.

➐ You must RESTEEM the first blog of this contest: [50 SBD TO WIN] / WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST.

➑ You must have fun! =D



• I will choose the 5 best entries of the day and select an absolute winner of each day. I will write a post the next day with the 5 entries selected. I will upvote the winner of the day 100% and he will be automatically selected to participate in the final to win the 30 SBD. I will also upvote the other 4 entries at 25% each with an honorable mention.

• It's possible to join the contest at any time.

• The contest winner will receive the prize, directly from me in his wallet with a personal message =)

• By entering this contest you authorize me to use your photos and accompanying text only in the related posts of the contest. In case of problems with the image rights, you are responsible for what you publish on Steemit.

You can vote to support the participants. Your votes and your comments will help me to choose the winners! ;)

If you like photography and animal, feel free to participate, even if you are novice ^^. Here we go!

Good Luck to everyone and let's have some fun!!!!!!

If you liked reading this article, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always appreciated =D. Thank you all for your support and see you soon for a new flamingirl's adventures!


@flamingirl this photo dedicate only for you, i captured this photo in my phone HTConeA9. support me sister


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Really nice picture!! You can us it to participate in my photo contest on monday 😊

I captured my all photography in my phone, how can i it prove??

Posted using Partiko Android

I captured my all photography in my phone, how can i it prove??

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Yes, the rules are the same for everyone... 😉. I don't want plagiarism on my contest. Thanks for your comprehension!

i have a B&G too, they are great, yours looks really healthy and happy, how old is he?

What do you mean by a B&G?

Blue and gold :)

Looks like a fun contest to enter. Will definitely give it a try. The rules are challenging but extremely fair. Should, in my opinion, rule out most forms of plagiarism

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Plagiarism is cheating and I really do not like it. Photography is a passion by an art of cheating. I agree with you =)

@flamingirl Here is just a sneak peak 😍 Have a nice weekend

OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! This kitten is sooooo cute!!!!! 😍. How is your wife? I hope she feels better. Have a nice week!

This is a kitten from my friend @kensai (Bro, its time to make a first post!).
She is feeling muc better. Thank you for asking❤️She change her diet and the antibiotic are starting to work. Next week she has another recto&gastroscopy....then, we will see how much, did the immune sistem improved... We all think, that the whole epi. seizures, cloud come from the morbus crohn. 🤔

Glad Tina is feeling much better Tomaz 🤗🌈🌴🦋💛

❤️ Thank you @sallybeth23 🤗

I really hope everything will be better soon! ❤️
Sally, what was the name of the medicine you told me at the meeting?

CBD 🤗 I’m a long time user and my health is 👌 Now Tina has start using it... but it takes time.... I’m all about alternative medicine 👊 Also I had the opportunity to meet Rick Simpson 🤗 My friend had cancer ( RIP ).... Rick bought the first plane ticket to Slovenia to meet help him...
@flamingirl we are so grateful for all the positive vibes, that you and @sallybeth23 has send us❤️❤️❤️

It's a subject that I discover and interests me very much! What are the CBD benefits apart from epilepsy?
I'm so sorry for your friend... (RIP) 🙏
You're welcome! And we hope to meet Tina and you soon! ❤

CBD is just one of many beneficial substance... The use of such natural medication is beneficial for the body, but in the right dose. What is the right dose? hard to say... start small and then work you way up...
It’s use for reduce headache... to stomach cramps... to reducing pain... maybe cure cancer!?
Read about ❤️ Rick Simpson ❤️
It's not just CBD that cures your body... It's all the substance, that are in the plant. ❤️ From all tetra cannabinoids ... to CBD

¿Pueden enviarse fotos de Insectos?


Esta la tomé hace como 2 semanas en Canaima, Venezuela con un teléfono J7

Sí claro porque los insectos son animales. Si tu participación respeta todas las reglas del concurso, se validará para el primer día del concurso que será lunes =)

Wow, amazing photo of the grasshopper :D :D :D

My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #4 - Defense Mode

Coming from tigers back to cats, they are still more funny in fact. While they are still very young they want to play too much around and a lot of fun for everybody around
But again, they are pretty fast in action and quite hard to catch while shooting
One of such funny photos of the young cat of our good friend s taken last year

Natural light only

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


This will be fun, waiting to see the best shots.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes! I'm so excited to see all the shots! =D

Animals are one of my favorite themes
and your contests are always such a huge hit!
What time zone are you in -- what's the daily cutoff?@flamingirl

Everything is explained in point 4 of this post =)

Thank you! I must have "speed read" right past that😀

You're welcome 😊

Excellent contest
My god your rules are strict and I must say thats a long list. 😄😄

Will try to participate but i am skeptical if i can follow all yiur rules. Lol

I know but it's just to avoid plagiarism 😊. Thanks for your comprehension 😉

My entry- We love animals

I will try to join everyday a different animal?

Of course! 😊

I have to post every day ? or one entry is enough?

Nop, there is no obligation, you can post as much as you want =)

This sounds like fun. Definitely not a pro, but I do love taking pictures. I look forward to participating.

Sounds like a great contest @flamingirl I am more than happy to upvote and resteem this post in the hope that I can enter this contest. See you soon.

Wonderful again 😊
Will participate with all the pictures of animals and birds 😊😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! So glad to hear it!!!! See you next Monday 😁😁😁 Have a nice weekend 🤩😎💋

let me ask you @flamingirl ...can i submit everyday different photos of the same animal???....or will it count as one entry so there is no need to upload posts everyday???

yay this is going to be awesome 😍

Yes!!!! I'm so excited!!! I love animals =D
I prefer them free, in nature ... 😍

My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #1 - BELLA the Queen

Lovely dog of the good friend of mine who works on restoration of antique furniture. One day I came to visit him while Bella (the name of the dog) was sitting on nice antique chair and looking really like a queen with a crown. Luckily had camera with me to memorize this moment

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #2 - The Pretty

Can dog be really pretty? Of course, YES! Especially having such a special hair-style. Shot couple years ago during visiting our good friends just outside their house using natural light only.
When I saw it.. understood at once that will not be able to resist to make some short photoshoot, at least :D

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Good competition! I will try to take part. My cat has already participated in other contests here.

I can't wait to see your cat 😊🐈💛

My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #3 - WOW

When tigers are still few weeks old it is possible to play with them like with cats. And so in the local ZOO in Klaipeda when happens tigers are just born, they allows guests to play with them (for additional payment of course).
So we had a chance to make small photoshoot at such occasion. Indeed they are just like cats, so much funny

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Love the head images you made for these posts! Did you use Canva? I'm happy that now I have a good reason to post my flamingo photos! Haha :D

I just found this contest and I think that it's a great one. :D Will definitely be a part of it. :D

ok, i have to get in on this, my pet (family member) is amazing and should be involved

I can't wait to see your pet my friend! =D

thank you, I did my entry last night...not sure if i followed the rules correctly, I am really bad at instructions but i think i may have done ok :) either way I am happy I got to post even if I screwed up, usually takes me a few tries to get things right but I am excited about it.

My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day #5 - Clyde

Finally our own pet - cute rabbit called Clyde, because he is true bandito and we had to hide all the wires in the house :)
Well, that's pretty old photo when he was only few weeks old. Now is much older and not so funny, but still. Shot with artificial light from house lamps

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


My entry for the WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST by @flamingirl - Day 6 - What's up

Passing with a small ferry to other side of the gulf (to Curonian Spit from Klaipeda, Lithuania) is sometimes much fun cause of plenty seagulls flying around the ferry looking for some bread, which passengers are throwing to the air. And sometimes is good opportunity to catch some closer and even funny shots like this one

Enjoy :)


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Awesome contest as animals are one of my favorite photo motive. I will try to participate every day as I have tons of animal photos.

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