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2vzku9.jpgSomeone being awesome. Street art, artist unknown.

How has your 2020 been so far? I hope that it’s been all that you’ve hoped for and more.
There are no affordable jetpacks or interplanetary teleportation just yet, but it’s only February.

Early days... Chuckle.

A financial snafu in December 2019 had me sliding sideways, ”Tokyo Drift” style into January and running on near empty as I spluttered and bunny hopped across the line into February, coming to a complete stop with deflated tyres, crumpled bumper and boiling steam erupting from the radiator, figuratively and financially speaking of course!

The car isn’t mine; it’s just a metaphor for being broke.

As of February 5th I have money in my account again, my bills are paid and I can finally state officially:

My Year Starts Here!

While I won’t be doing financial ”doughnuts” (to keep the car metaphors going) anytime soon, I do have a few months between bills now and I can start to rebuild everything again.
rk2w8d.jpgFive donuts for five dollars.

Apologies to my fellow diabetics...

I am not the kind of person that spouts Tony Robbins-style positive attitude catchphrases to try and rev your engines because at some deeper level, you know these are just contrived platitudes in order to pull the wool over your eyes, and sell you hope when you genuinely need help.

What I offer instead is a genuine attempt to present strategies that have worked for me, when I have actively worked them. The snafu mentioned above could happen to anyone, but with some planning those little setbacks don’t have to be so drastic and you can deploy airbags to cushion their potential impact (why yes, I am enjoying these metaphors now, not sorry...)

I still have lentils, rice and ramen noodles in my cupboards in case things get really bad.
Meals of last resort.

52 Weeks Of Awesome

This is an adaption of an older idea that I once had. See, rather than establishing New Year’s Eve resolutions that were only broken 3 days later, I decided it would be easier to compare where I was at the end of each year and see if I had gone forwards or backwards in regards to what I wanted to achieve.

I came up with the phrase “52 Weeks Until Awesome” because I realised that what I could do was take a larger goal like an overseas trip, add up the costs and then break it down into 52 weekly payments. Some things might take longer than a year depending on your disposable income after bills, rent, etc.

The weekly schedule becomes a little anchor in your week, because you might be tired every day, but on a Saturday morning while you are paying bills or doing shopping, it can be a weekly ritual to sit down and get excited about your goals.

You may burn out if you do this every day though, so be careful.

Why wait a whole year until you feel awesome?

Each weekly goal can be broken down into daily tasks and goals if you want to, but you have the flexibility to be able to do what you like as long as you are moving closer to your goals, or not at all, as it’s your life. Every day has it’s challenges and some days can be total write-offs, but you now have that weekly anchor to gauge where you are heading. You can feel awesome all year round, so I made the subtle change from “52 weeks until awesome” to “52 weeks of awesome”.

You may have already seen my post about my $5 note challenge.
This went really well a few years ago where I had amassed about AU$850 and it destroyed the envelope it was in. Good times!

Things are a bit leaner this year and more electronic payments mean there’s less need for cash, but it’s good to have as a back up, right?

In terms of Steem, I’m over halfway to becoming a Dolphin (this is where you have over 5000 Steem Power) and should reach it comfortably before Christmas this year.

klu7cd.jpgDolphin statue at Glenelg Beach

I’ve already started increasing my engagement and the quality levels of my posts and that has lead to more followers and increased upvotes. Welcome aboard!

With Splinterlands, I will continue to earn while playing the game, leasing out cards and upgrading my existing cards. They made me a moderator of the Facebook page and admin in the Telegram group. Plus, I have applied to be an official ambassador to promote the game locally!
Not to mention being part of the Roaring Twenties guild too!

Things are looking up this year, despite the rough start. Oh and I am going to be performing stand up comedy at the Adelaide Fringe too. Nervous is an understatement! I need to re-write the material and get more stage time too. I’ll be advertising that event in a later post as this is getting rather long already.

Let’s make 2020 a year of awesome, and let’s hope everyone gets their...

5ojryx.jpg...just desserts!

OK, I am genuinely sorry for that one. I hope you got a laugh out this.

The next few entries will be more food orientated, I promise.

Until next time, see you in the kitchen!

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Good Luck
Have a

#hasil2020 is hosted by @davidke20 and @victoria-bella.

I think you set your targets here.
Being a Dolphin, Splinterlands, quality content, engaging more and... reserves of cash mainly to make life easier?

I think cash is always good. With us the electronic payments not always work and ATM is frequently empty.

!trdo 💕 and my upvote for you.
I hope hearbeat1515 and the rest will support you too.
I just posted my weekly update.

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Yes @wakeupkitty. I'm here. Found him at last. Great set of goals you have there @shaidon. Looking foward to more updates on #hasil2020.

We won't like losing a good writers. They are not easy to find and someone to chat with in this platform. Like you.

It is true it is hard to find people who like to join and write and engage. I like talking to you and there must be more people who do the question is: how to find them? 💕

I like talking to you too. There are few that I know will replies to other too. Like giantbear, she wrote lovely stories. Tarazkp. He's nice too. And kenny-crane he write about active fit mostly and active on twitter but I like the way he respond to other.

@heartbeat1515 I learned that no matter the subject people can tell great stories and if they engage I am interested in everything they write about.

Me too. But if it is about difficult stuff that I am unable to understand, I will have to look through it or I just left it by for the time being.

I'm totally zero knowledge about cryptocurrency at first and it is through this platform that I learned about it.

Thank you. I have a lot more ideas for future goals, and they should make it into future posts.

Tag me next time. I don't want to miss it.

Thank you. I don't have much vote for you but I'll grow my steem so that I can give better someday.

This is an engaging token right? May I ask how to use this? Can I use it to reward other too? Os this from steem engine token? Sorry for that bunch of questions. You can make a post and tag me in it if you like. That would be more rewarding for you.

That’s OK.

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Well to stick with the analogies, I have doubled my insulin and and filled up with some high-test (high octane gas) and am hoping for a good 2020. At least steem seems to be trying to start its engines! Best wishes my friend.

I think the price of Steem is linked to Bitcoin which seems to be doing really well at the moment.
But I do hope that I can start to make some of my dreams come true this year.

Good to hear such positivity and determination here @shaidon, I want some real desserts, have been craving an ice cream so will be thinking of you when I go out and buy one, it's hot hot hot here at the moment;)

Well, most definitely stay cool. :)

I like your "just deserts" @shaidon. Setting goals is great, keeps you focused.
Have a wonderful week!!

Thank you. I am glad that someone got the joke. :D
These are only very loose goals and I do need to tighten them up somewhat over the rest of the year.

I hope you also have a wonderful week too. I gotta start thinking about my next entry! :)

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I enjoyed reading your post even though I don't meet you in the kitchen. You're metaphor does took some of my time to understand but I enjoyed that too. I like the idea of "52 weeks of awesome ", maybe I'll try that.

If you are a stand up comedian, I think I'll have a lots of laugh and joy hearing you talk.

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For someone who is diabetic, I find it hilarious how often your food pics are sugary delights! 🤣

Hold on to your hat for the next one! ;)
Yes, diabetics have a "special relationship" with sugar.
It's not that we can't have it, in fact in some cases it's important to have jellybeans on hand in case the sugar levels drop. It's really about balance of the sugar levels in the blood. Mine were way too high at the beginning but the medication brings it down somewhat.

For the most part, my diet is fine and I really have to watch the carbohydrates.

Everyone loves food..