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Greetings reggaemuffins and food flingers!
How goes it where you are ? This week I want to draw you into a meaty restaurant ring for some beef goodness. Osaka is probably the party and food city in Japan. There is no shortage of dining spots all around the city and in obscure corners.
Before my live show , we decided to have dinner in the Shinsaibashi at a restaurant called Nikkubal. Perhaps merging the Japanese word for meat (Nikku) and carnival. Hence, “Nikkubal” or meat festival/carnival.

it’s quite conspicuously located about 10 minutes from the Shinsaibashi northwards of exit two.
It’s brightly lit and certainly portrays a festive mood from the outside. By the images , there can be no doubt what’s an offer- as you can see.

When we went theee was only one chef , he greeted us with the “Irrashai Masei” (Welcome and Can I help you). It was warm and cozy a nice respite from the freezing temperatures outside. The longer you are in japan , you eventually fall into the “Tori Aizu” (to start) ‘Nama Bilu) beer 🍺 to start. I’m from rum country but when you are in room do as the romans do. 7zmtor9349.jpg

When I heard about cow tongue in Jamaican I thought - what madness is that? Fortunately, I have been caught and drafted into the asylum- if it’s on the menu - it’s a must have. Unlike Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, cooking in Japan is quite simple (not a lot of seasonings and spices), they make up for this with wicked sauces often of a soy sauce or miso base. 0e30vwfgub.jpg
To add to the experience, You can cook it yourself. mphuw1pip8.jpg
While that’s going on, I really highly recommend the garlic broccoli 🥦 that thing is life. ftl3rxomkw.jpg
There is complimentary dried spaghetti as well as savory pickles to get the digestive juices rumbling. 
As a main course we got the board with different cuts of beef. You could dip it in “wasabi”or japanese horse radish. “Ponzu”or citrus sauce. m8ju80sorf.jpg
A little bit of some of the nicest parts. Each cooked a little differently from the other. This was a board filled with gastronomic delights! 75lev0ggpn.jpg
There is no shortage of good drinks at Nikkubal! xdnsuprde6.jpg
A cozy little spot in the city with good background music and tv for your entertainment quxs53cgdq.jpg
A vast menu and reasonable prices all add to the pull of this spot. I’d go again and you should check it out. This is food advice - let the food fight begin! mc0wacnnai.jpgText here

Jamaicans do beef too. Check this out

Well seasoned stewed beef courtesy of @datametrics.
What you need:
stew Beef
. . . . . . . . . . .
Beef -908g
Garlic 4-8
Green peppers
Natural seasoning
Browning /1 table spoon brown sugar /
1tsp wine vinegar


  1. Rub in all your herbs and spices and let it marinate for a couple of hours
  2. Stir in hot pan until beef is no longer pink
  3. Transfer meat to pressure cooker
  4. Add potatoes and carrots to the pot
  5. Adjust seasonings as needed(To suit your taste)
    6 Cook at high pressure for 30 minutes
  6. Release pressure from pressure cooker and add peppers and scotch bonnet pepper
  7. Cook for 5-8 minutes
  8. Mix water and cornstarch, stir in a pan and cook for another 2-3 minutes until the stew is thick.
    With delicious Yawd styled fried chicken. FA95937F-433C-406B-86E5-6614AE209746.jpeg

This has been another indeliblevibration! 7C76AA57-AF2B-4AF1-A79E-595E973651B1.jpeg

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Beef Carnival?! That sounds like my kind of carnival

😂 a chicken Carnival would be perfect but this was great!

First off... I need that shirt!! It is awesome!! I tend to get a little Leary when I can’t read the menu. Lol. Yet I am willing to take a taste of almost everything. Almost... Great contender this week, full of a little bit of everything. Thanks for joining us and throwin’ some food around the foodfightfriday arena

Thanks man - food is life!

So meaty and delicious, Good luck for the contest

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Much appreciated! Keep up the good work!

Stewed beef!!!
this looks good!
is really provocative

Go on! Make some - it’s great!

grub all looks really good!

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Thank you 🙏 tasted as good as it looked!

I really need to get out more LOL. No cow tongue for me though. Yo I need some Juls cooking me nah lie:)

HAHAHAH a weh you find that song from lol!

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Man, yuh have to try the cow tongue at least once. I can’t get Juls cooking so I’ll take the pics and recipes until then 😎
That Tune is one of mi favorites - the double entendre tun up inna it 😂

An awesome post! Great food and great photos!

Thanks m8. Always great when you stop by the kitchen.

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Good Luck
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fuck that looks good, send me something by mail here jejejjejeje

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Just send the address! 😂 maybe I’ll start a new business.

29130 Malaga, Spain, Andalusia, Avd de la Musica, Alhaurin de la Torre (it's a very pretty town in Malaga) :-))

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