FoodFightFriday - Rocky Choco

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Hellow there #fff chef contenders😉


Rocky Choco Made in China 😉

There's nothing much you can havevwhen you travelled without much money in your wallet. But still.. you can't go back home with empty hand from a long journey😂

I forgot to take picture of our dinner feast the night before we flight back home from Batam. A seafood feast with crabs in chilli sauce, fried squids, froed shrimps, boiled sea mussels's with chili sauce too, snaper's curry, grilled fish and fresh coconut's water😊. I'm busy fighting to taste the foods with other 7 contenders at thst time, phone was nowhere around 😁


and this was my hubby's breakfast, it called Morning Bakery Sandwich😇

The first food I got when I arrived in Batam, Riau Islands. Its my hubby's, but he let me ate half of it 😂😂😂

The truth is, I was thinking not to buy anything as souvenir, because I don't have any idea of what's the best souvenirs from Batam 😯😔


When we already in the waiting room and hubby took me to the smoking room, we needed to buy something before using the room😂 from the nearest counter. So, I decided to bought the rocky choco, bottled coffee and candy😊. Hubby was not even has half of his cigarrette when the announcement to board on the plane heard.

While waiting on the queue, I saw something at the other counters, sticky rice in durian😉 and I just went there and grabbed one box, pay for it and hurry back to the queue 😊.

Right when I arrived home, I just handed the box to My FIL, forgot to take the picture of it again😀 and the next day, I didn't even find the empty box😂😂😂 it's all gone!


at least I have this picture before it was all gone too😂

I thought that this Rocky Choco only available in Mekkah or Madina😁 because everyone who was back from pilgrimage, brought this Choco as souvenirs (but My FIL didn't😂😂😂). When I told him, we can have it somewhere in Indonesia, He just surprised and eat it all😂😂😂.

what's so special about the rocky choco?

Nothing but its looked like 😊 as if you are a strong one who eats pebbles as your snack😂😂😂.

Have you ever taste any?

Thanks to @dandays, @jlsplatts and @weirdheadaches for running this contest 😉 it just so nice to keep posting on #fff and made @foodfightfriday busy checking on all contenders' posts!

Have a nice weekend and see you next week😉

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You bought these chocolates and you're gonna send me some in Aussie. hahahahaha. That's what's so special about it.


Whooaaa... you know what @nurseanne84 😉 I think the shipment cost to send a pack to you in Aussie is worth to buy 100 packs of it 😂😂


These are available in Australia. The play centre we take our daughter to sometimes sells it. She loves them.

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Thaaaanks @sparkesy43 😉 you saved me from contributing to the ocean pollution by sending a pack of it from Indonesia. 😂😂😂 go find it @nurseanne84😉

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Kiban nyuem jih nyan, peu nasaban lagee tamamoh batee bineh krueng cut kak @cicisaja


Hay syokolat... kiban nyum? Saban lagee coklat cap manok chit 😂😂😂 teuma han sep-sep bang @isnorman euk.. saboih bungkoih 100 gram nyan chit sigou duek sagai

There she goes, the sweetest chef strikes again! Thank you so much for the shout-out, @cicisaja, on behalf of the three of us—thanks for noticing! But, I’m not gonna lie, meeting people like you has made all of the work worth it!

You’ve probably told us before and I either missed it or I forgot what day it is it means but, what’s FIL?

Always a pleasure to see your contenders, chef, I’m glad you and hubby had a safe trip.


FIL stands for Father In Law 😂 @dandays 😉, SIL for Sister In Law, too bad I don't have any MIL and BIL 😊.. hehehe.

#fff would never be a quiet tag to check on all weekdays.. but the most important thing is to let you keep wandering around my post 😂😂 at least once a week. Because I like your comments 😂😂😂

Thank you again and again @dandays😉


That’s more than me, @cicisaja—only child without any parents, grandparents, none of that stuff. You got all kinda family! You’re #blessed.


But you have the most beautiful wife in the world @dandays 😉 you're #blessed too.

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Overseas food chocoo... Seems yummmy.. I have never tasted yet.


You can buy it at the Umrah and Hajj Souvenir store @rikaz87 😉 it is also imported by Indonesia😉


Oh I see. Mmm I will order one pack from hajj store in Banda Aceh. Thanks for the info @cicisaja.


Just simply do that @rikaz87 .. it supposed to be 35-45k IDR/pack


👌👍thanks for your kindnes.. Have great and happy day

They totally look like rocks! I bet they taste like yumminess though. Glad you made it home safely. It sounds like you guys had quite a feast 😋


Thank you @puravidaville 😉 that's just ordinary chocolate candy😊 but I like its rocky looks. Aahh.. we have a triumph seafood feast which made me forgot about my Phone 😂😂😂. I save you from the crabs and the shrimps😊


I always forget to take pictures because when the food is ready I’m usually ready to eat. Sometimes I take the picture after I’ve already sampled the dish. Shhhhh 🤫

Lol Awesome 😁😋

Never heard of Rocky Choco, they look cool 😎


It does look cool and the taste is nothing like belgian chocolate though.. but still.. I luv it @weirdheadaches.. thank you for stopping by😉