Are cryptocurrencies about to go mainstream?

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Crypto- or cyber-currencies are digital-only currencies in which encryption and registry techniques, often called blockchains, are used to regulate the generation of units of currency independent of a central bank. It is a booming, dizzying market. Since the start of the year, bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, has almost tripled in value to $2,565. By some estimates, the cryptocurrency business could be worth $5tn by 2022. There are now close to 800 cryptocurrencies worth, in total, around $96bn.
However, a lot of people struggle to understand its value proposition, because it offers something different to everyone. The idea of putting business logic in a decentralised network seems to be rather interesting, and hopefully, it will help people to conduct business more easily. This is where issues around liquidity and usability come into play. For the average person interested in cryptocurrencies, one of the barriers keeping them out of the industry is not being able to really use the cryptocurrency they purchase. While there are some mainstream investors interested in day trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, most of the population isn’t interested in playing the markets, they’re interested in actually using the cryptocurrencies.
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