Gender World War: How alpha men must prepare for a quick decisive victory and start a new age of planetary and interplanetary civilization

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We live in strange times brothers. When any shitty feminist whore can falsely accuse you or your brother or your buddy or your son or your father of sexually assaulting her without any evidence whatsoever and send you and other men straight to jail. No legal due process to be followed. You may lose everything being incarcerated in a prison cell including your reputation, wealth and health.

Over the last 200 years, our great-great-grandfathers, great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers had committed a monumental blunder of not heeding to the age-old wisdom of ancient cultures, civilizations and books such as Bible, Vedas, Talmud and so on. They had granted women countless rights including political power which they never deserved in the first place. They neither listened to our great men of the past like Sun Tzu (Author of the Art of War), nor Niccolo Machiavelli( Author of The Prince) or Kautilya (Author of The Arthashastra) nor exercised their own common sense. These great men knew women’s evil nature and cautioned our forefathers repeatedly.

Flashback to a prehistoric era when men were men and women were women and their interests and rights never collided. Our ancient hunter-warrior forefathers lived in a very dangerous and hostile world. In the prehistoric era of 20,000 B.C., they had to defend themselves, their families and their tribe against countless enemies day and night round the clock 24x7x365.. Be it another hostile tribe armed to the teeth or a saber-toothed tiger, these hardy warrior men staked everything they had, all tools and weapons and spears and their own lives so that human civilization could survive and thrive in such an extremely hostile environment. Women were mobile living properties of men. Period. They were helpers of men and child-producing machines for continuation of the mankind, nothing less and nothing more. Women being intrinsically physically and mentally naturally weak had to rely on the protection provided by the alpha men of her house and her own tribe. She was most vulnerable to be abducted and raped by the rival tribe men unless safely protected by her own men.

We are their children. We are the immortal children of the evolutionary Time as God and Universal Spirit Himself. Our DNA bears the stamp of their heroic struggles and we carry their invincible spirit at our hearts.

Now fast forward to 2018. The situation in the western world including United States looks grim. Things are not looking good in Asia Pacific region either. So called fucking irrational MeToo movement is already taking toll. They have already sent a gandfatherly figure like Bill Cosby in his 80s to jail without any solid evidence. They falsely accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of gangraping some whores some 38 years ago. And beta men or cucks and soy boys as we call them are supporting this whore betraying their own gender. These whores have started another parallel campaign “We Beliver All the Women”. As if all women are telling absolute truths since time immemorial and they are arbitrators of what is truth and what is falsehood. They have even started a Gofundme page :

A teenage boy genuinely interested in a girl (thinking her as his future wife) approaches her with a flower but within seconds he is labeled a sexual predator. All familiar sights nowadays. The natural masculine virility and penetrative sexual inclination gifted by God and Evolutionary Nature are being criminalized without any discrimination. Feminazi women have started to weaponize their boobs and vaginas. This calls for an immediate Strategic Response. Too much peace have feminized most men.

Charlize Theron is the number one target along with all her cohorts across the world. There are millions of them. Like Arriana Grande and her stupid declaration that God is a Woman. This dumbfuck bitch must know that God is a masculine principle of Transcendental and Immanent Supreme Spirit and Consciousness just like Causal Time is as an Existential Truth. All of them should be taken out ASAP.

Now the time has come to draw our swords and let the bloodshed begin unceasingly in a synchronized fashion until and unless the enemy is completely annihilated by root. Not only physically but in spirit too. We will take no prisoners and no fucking negotiation. No trace of the enemy should remain. The future should not even know these nasty feminists and their beta cucks ever existed and walked on the surface of this holy Earth where our valiant forefathers sacrificed their youth for tens of thousands of years. The demon-has-gone-crazy democracy has failed us alpha men totally. It’s our fault and we can only undo it and reclaim our absolute sovereignty. We need to replace all democracies with military dictatorships that are allied and networked together as a planetary and inter-planetary civilizations with space-based colonies and extra-terrestrial habitats in Mars and other planets/exo-planets.

Now the time has come to organize and use latest advances in encrypted communication tools and cryptocurrencies to build a global war-fighting organization and prepare for a strategic response to the existential threat posed by feminists and beta cucks running IMF, World Bank, BIS and their corrupt sister organizations. We have to take them out by all means necessary. They started this gender war, and we are gonna finish it. This is an irreversable executive decision we have taken.

Women should not have any rights whatsoever, not even the right to drive a car or ride a bike. Their rights are limited only within the four walls of a house, especially kitchens and bedrooms. If they step out of the limits of the house or secure enclosures, they are ought to be abducted, raped and murdered. Pretty women are trophies in a war and they belong to the victor and his armymen. We all know that. And everything is fair in love and war.

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-Emperor of the Masculine Heart (EMH)

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LOL you think you are an alpha? Only a coward would feel so threatened by these changing times. Here's an idea, how about you stop being a scared brat and a woman hater and show some respect for once in your pathetic life? Sound good?

Sigma males are the future.

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