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RE: Feminism... FOR MEN !

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Thank you. This is a very essential discussion. I think that we all will gain from feminism. Even us born with a penis who are privileged in many ways if we are cis,but we as well are suffering from gender norms that are reducing our ability to choose our own personality freely. I can´t begin to count all the times I have been included in statements starting with" WE men" and then goes on spruting some generic nonsense that I certainly don´t want to be associated with,like always being horny,or being out drinking with the "boys" and not talking about feelings.
Gender is a social construct,and although I look quite much like a normal man,I consider myself genderfluid. I don´t like most things about masculinity.

"You are not born a woman, you become one."

It goes without saying that the same applies to men.


Absolutely!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment.

This is exactly why men need feminism just as much as women do. Groups like MRA's (Mens Rights Activists) instead accuse feminists as being mans enemy, for making "pussies" out of men. But this claim is exactly why MRA's are not about mens rights at all. Instead they put more pressure on men to fit a particular set of characteristics to oppose the ones feminists wish only to allow people to choose for themselves.

Gender fluid is a term I believe that almost anybody could identify with if we were all truly honest with ourselves because the truth is NONE of us are inherently or completely masculine or feminine. For instance, I am feminine in some ways, but I am also competitive, athletic, headstrong and often careless about my physical appearance. If we are afraid to identify as gender fluid, then we must expect ourselves to fit into a very narrow set of characteristics which would make us very predictable, boring and dishonest people.

The patriarchy is to feminism, as the "global zionist conspiracy"* is to anti-semitism (semitarchy, if you will). As such Feminists have explicitly labeled males as evil oppressors--the enemy. Then they expect men to believe that they care about men's rights? Feminists have vociferously opposed Intactivists campaigning against all forms of genital mutilation, male, female and intersex, on the grounds that only FGM is a problem. Thus feminists claim that only females have a right control their own bodies. Feminists have opposed father's rights initiatives, such as legal paternal surrender, et cetera. Feminists aren't crying out about the increasing gender gap in education either. Oh, but Feminists do want men to be more like women... so yeah, I can't fathom why men are so reticent to believe that Feminists care deeply about issues affecting men and boys.