Being a feminist and what that means to me

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In the UK, the word feminist has a negative connotation… almost as though we have to be bra-less Amazonian men hating warriors, to be a true feminist.
Well I am here to tell you that I am a feminist and I am not any of the above!


I am a stay at home mum and wife who loves nothing more than to be a homemaker and keep the home running smoothly. Surely this makes me the opposite of a feminist right? After all those years of fighting for equality, you stay at home and serve your family, yet you still call yourself a feminist?

Well, yes! Because to me, being a feminist means that we are all equally respected and encouraged to be the best people we can be, no matter what our sex. If I was a sledge hammer wielding builder, then I would want to be able to pursue my career in that industry, without having the stigma of being a woman. I love looking after my family, so I believe I have the right to do that if I choose to do so, without being challenged on whether I should be doing this.


Feminism is about rights. The right to choose. The right to be who we are. The right to speak out. The right to be equal. It Is also about support. We should all support each other to do well in life, no matter whether it is parenting or another role within society.

Feminism is not about man hating. I love my husband and support him using the same feminist values. I want him to become the best person he can be and treat him with the respect I expect from him in return.

So when you next hear the word feminist, don’t jump to the conclusion that the person (yes I said person, not woman as men can be feminists too) as a man hating, power hungry medusa!


If you want to know more about feminism, head to the discord group Team Girl Powa. There are some really awesome feminists there who work hard to make sure feminism is spoken about more openly.


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It's funny I never really consider whether or not I am or am not a feminist. But, in many ways, I never let my being a woman really come into consideration before I choose to do a thing, so I think that might be feminist? What I don't like is when it becomes like an 'excluding group' that we are meant to belong to and if we don't we aren't being good women, if that makes any sense.
I can happily build a fence or wear a pretty dress and in either case I just do it because I am drawn to it and gender never comes into it. I hope that could be the way of the future, in that our equality is such that we need not consider it at all, we just 'are' :)

That is exactly the way it should be :)

Hi, @beautifulbullies I agree with you, feminism is about equal rights and freedom for all human beings regardless of gender. unfortunately there are many countries where women are not treated equally, I hope that they will achieve their freedom soon. Btw, your partner is so cute, but it looks angry haha!😜. Greetings!

Hopefully one day nobody will have those chains and everyone will be equally free. That is the way it should be.
Yes, she does look a little angry in this picture, but she is full of love <3 :D

As I was reading your post, it felt like you were picking every words from my mind. You wrote down what most women feels and wants inside but are afraid to say out loud. Because they think that if women are not presented as strong and bold, no one would respect them or present them the same rights as men.

I think a lot of women still feel inequality and pressure to be a certain way. As a society we need to nourish each other more and bring out the best in people. We are not all outwardly bold or perceived as strong, but we are all strong in our own way and this needs to be nurtured. Everyone has a role to play and we need to find that role and live to the fullest instead of being seen as not good enough.

Yeah, you are absolutely right. I live in a 3rd world country, here most women are treated poorly and they have little bit of freedom. Like I'm not allowed to go out on my own will, most of the time I have to stay at home all day. I'm allowed to go out only for educational purposes but my brother can do whatever he wants.

I find that, worldwide, there is an audience determined to ensure it has a negative connotation. Which is a real shame.

They are happy to stand up and tell you that you are wrong. The wrong kind of feminist. That you should be happy with your lot considering that there are women worse off in the world that you elsewhere. They do everything to belittle and defuse conversation.

It's a real shame. Incredibly partisan as heels are dug in to "fight the other side" no matter what the topic.

Yes, it is a real shame. I have met 'feminists' that will not say they are feminists because they think it means they have to be man haters! I guess that is what happens once a stigma is attached to a word, the true meaning is forgotten.

Yes yes yes, I am so with you on this one, this is exactly how I feel, I am so happy to be a stay at home mum, I am a fierce gentle warrior and proud to be one. We really need to get rid of all these negative stereotypes. Love this post resteemed xxx

Thank you for the resteem! I agree the old fashioned stereotypes need to change. Xx

Well, I guess I could be called a feminist. In actuality, I'm a human. As is everybody else and I think all should be treated as such. Rights and respect are so fundamental with me...

Thanks for a wonderful post that states your standards in very clear and concise terms. I appreciate it.

Maybe not the place but congratulations on your POTD selection. Richly deserved.

I absolutely 100% agree with you! There shouldn't even be a need for the word feminist. If we all just respected each other as human beings there would be no such thing, there would just be peace :)
Thank you for the potd comment I was completely shocked lol

I strongly approve your post. Congrats @beautifulbullies

are those femmes goes march on mayday today? hehehe

This is spot on! I work outside my home, but it's out of economic necessity. Don't get my wrong, I enjoy my job but I would quit it and stay home with my kids in a heartbeat if I knew there would be a home for us to stay in.

To me, feminism is about making the choice that's right for you because it's the right choice for you - not because society tells you to do a thing.

For me it would be a strange thing to say I am not a feminist. Why shouldnt we all want equal rights for men and women? I have never understood that some call the feminist and some not. I mean, we live in 2018!
Thanks love for sharing your story!

Way late to this party, but this is so spot on. I've never found a man to really support me being able to full time mom (I've tried several), but I've always been a feminist, and I am a passionate advocate of helping create a world where women are valued whatever they do, including traditionally feminine things like parenting and caregiving. Thanks for posting this.

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