Feathered Friends!

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Because having Friday as part of the tag is confusing, I am wondering if we should change the tag to #featheredfriends to eliminate the belief that bird posts must be posted on Friday.

What do you think? Do you like #featheredfriends better?


Both white breasted nuthatches and red breasted nuthatches visit my feeder, but the white breasted birds stay here all year around.

They are such acrobats and it is fun to watch them climbing head-down on the trunk of trees looking for insects and seeds that they cache for winter.


It is a dark overcast day here and these are all though the window shots that I took between snow squalls this morning.

hcvxub16mn.jpg red-bellied Woodpecker.

hwshb17x8n.jpgNorthern Flicker

There were a pair of Northern Flickers visiting today. They are not regulars, but they do stop by quite often.

The juncos returned, just like clockwork, with the first significant snowstorm. They nest as far north as the Arctic, where they go to live out the summer months. I was having difficulty getting a clear shot of one, but it wasn't until I put the photos on the computer that I saw this photo bombing mourning dove on the same branch behind the junco.


What are your thoughts about using #featheredfriends for our ongoing challenge?

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So beautiful nature beauty of the 🐦 bird's i am very impressed your post my lovely love

Thanks, Khan! I always love your comments!

I am kissing you

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Maybe featheredfridayfriends Hihi well every new name starts your securely made and build tag all over , why not state in the tag that entries can be made and left in the comments on every day of the week

I am a FFF a feathered Friday friend 😉

Maybe if we turn this into a community it will all work out!

Thats great idea a feathered community

I love the idea of it and am anxious to see how it all works.

I guess a whole lot of work dear

maybe just #fff then? the shorter tag the more I love it! tags like #ru #oc are my faves :))))

Now for the tag change... hmmm, interesting idea. On the one hand, it would make it clear that the tag can be used at any time during the week. On the other hand, it's kind of cool to have a certain day attached, as a way to give everyone something to shoot for. On the other ha... oh wait, I ran out of hands! 😂

In all seriousness, I will put my thinking cap on, and get back to you if anything falls into my brain.

Totally jelly again of your Northern Flickers visitors! And too funny with the almost hidden dove! Great shots, as always Melinda and thanks for hosting, regardless of what it's called. 😊

!tip steem

I am hopeful that it all falls into place once we have communities!

Here's to hoping! 🥂 😊

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Thanks, PIX!

Que fotos tan bellas de estos pajaritos. Yo no logro tomar fotos a los pajaritos que llegan a mi árbol. Son tan asustadizos que huyen rápido. Saludos.

¡Entiendo! Tengo que sentarme en silencio durante mucho tiempo hasta que los pájaros olviden que estoy allí. o como las fotos de hoy, me quedo en el interior y tomo la foto por la ventana

Que lindo, todo el trabajo que haces para unas fotos. Es una verdadera pasión. Me agrada que hayas compartido eso conmigo. Me llevaste a mi infancia, cuando quería verlos de cerca, me escondía. Sin cámaras. Solo ver y disfrutar, hasta que se iban ellos o yo. Feliz día.

Beautiful birds 🐦🕊️😍

Thanks so much!

@melinda010100 #featheredfriends would let us know it is for any day, where #featheredfriday tells me it is only on Fridays. But either way you decide is good with me.

Please know that even if you use #featheredfriday you can use it any day of the week!

thank you!! now I am in the know, hehe

@melinda010100 thank you, hope you have a nice weekend

Happy weekend to you, too!

Buenas noches amiga @melinda010100 deseo que se encuentre bien, bonitos pájaros amiga a pesar que donde vive hace mucho frío hay variedades de pájaros . Por lo menos el carpintero es igual a los de mi isla . Que tenga una exelente noche amiga.

Thanks, Edgar. I know you have wonderful birds on your island. It's always fun when we have some of the same birds visiting us. Sorry... It's getting late and I'm too sleepy to do the translation thing.

I'm all for the new #featheredfriends tag and suggest checking for both while everyone transitions from the former #featheredfriday if that's what's decided upon.

It's always a joy to see your adorable "chirpers"! @melinda010100 🦉📷🐦

I think changes will be coming as we move to communities. I will be checking both tags and we can get it all figured out together.

The exact same birds visit me... :-)

I believe that. We are at roughly the same latitude.

If it's going to be Fridays only, Featheredfriday would be better, but if it is going to be any day, then you should drop the Friday - Featheredfriends would be better. 😊

I think so too. It's not just for Fridays.

Then featheredfriends is better. 😊

First thing...

@tipu curate

Thanks so much, Traci!

You're very welcome, Melinda! Oh, and I just posted my contribution for the week! 😊


And a marvelous contribution it is! Wonderful owl photos! !Tip

Melinda thank you.gif

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I get used to post on Friday birds photos, but on the other hand it would be great to use the new tag any day. Sometimes I made photos with intention to post on Friday and after that I forgot about them. Now I can create the post with the fresh photos. Yes, I would love to use the new tag.

I'm glad you like the idea. So do I!

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Thanks so for the support! It is appreciated! 😘

  ·  20 days ago (edited)

I love the sound of #featheredfriends! I know you've stated clearly before that posts don't have to be on a Friday and I've probably posted more with the tag outside of a Friday but I can see why some might think it is meant for Friday posts. On the other hand #featheredfriday is a good reminder day to post about our feathered friends. I also had to laugh since I was considering doing a post today on a feathered family member..lol. I think whichever one you decide on that everyone would be on board with it. Tough decision @melinda010100 and I also remember that posts don't have to be exactly about fowl but could be about bird houses or anything bird related to get everyone thinking "outside the box". I'll be here either way you decide! 😉 🙂
This is my post: https://steemit.com/featheredfriends/@deerjay/a-feathered-family-member

Thanks always for your support! I am hopeful it will all get sorted out once we can have a Feathered community! !Tip

You are very welcome! That sounds awesome! 🙂

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Thanks so much @tipu and @melinda010100!! :)

to eliminate the belief that bird posts must be posted on Friday.

oh my!! is it not so?.. I believed in this Friday part! I am so naive :)

No, it is confusing to everyone. Use #featheredfriends and post about birds any day. And tag me so I don't miss seeing them!

I am one of those who thinks that #featheredfriday is only Friday, lol. But I am happy to find out that it can be any day and I like the tag #featheredfriends a lot. Altough I am not participating very often, but I wish I could. Those are all such a great shots, of those lovely birds, even if you took them through the window.

Anyway, here is my little contribution, I hope you'll like it:

I love your Feathered photos this week and can't believe you were taking photos and posting after your surgery! Heal quickly, my friend!

It's only left hand, so I was able to manage. Tomorrow I am getting the stitches removed, so I am happy about that.

By the way. Tipu is asking for recharge, but I am confused about it. Do you have any advise to make it less complicated? LOL!


It is more than I want to deal with, so I have decided not to bother with it. I am doing plenty of curation that is much easier for me than this is!

Yes, it seems too much to deal with, so I am not going to worry about it neither. Thank you Melinda 😊

Pretty red-bellied Woodpecker photography and here is my entry: https://steemit.com/marketfriday/@kamrunnahar/market-friday-birds-in-mirpur-market

Thanks! Birds at the market! You found a bunch of them. !Tip

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Nice photos of the little dinosaurs. Ever wonder why woodpeckers don't get headaches? You would think that constant head banging would do some serious damage...

They certainly are noisy headbangers! 😂

Muy buena su decisión amiga @melinda010100, todos los días son días de nuestros emplumados amigos, no solo los Viernes.

Estoy tan feliz de que hayas podido traducir mis intenciones. Nunca sé si mis palabras tienen sentido en otro idioma. ¡Por favor dime si necesito aclarar mis publicaciones!

Todo está bien amiga @melinda010100, todo está entendible.

Those flickers are so cool! Regarding the tag... well, just as long as birds keep showing up, any tag is fine by me! Probably most people got used to the friday part anyway, I don't remember last time I posted on the "correct" day! 😂

I've been trying for some better flicker pictures, but man, it's cold out there!
I'm checking both tags, so whatever is easiest for everyone is good for me!

I'll get my post ready in a couple hours, will use both tags this time 🙂

I like #featheredfriends! You might want to write in your next post that the name of the tag was changed because everyone can post their feathered friends photos any day of the week, not just on Friday. Just a suggestion.
I love all birds with blue on them and this nuthash seems to have the stance of a woodpecker. You sure do have beautiful birds in your yard and posts! So, so, so sorry to hear about all of your snow. Button down the hatches. LOL!

Good advice! Glad you liked my birds!

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That's a great idea about the name change and having an "any day" challenge. Those are really good shots there!

Thanks! It's supposed to get up to 40°tomorrow and only be partly cloudy. I'm going to try to get some photos of those flickers if they are still around!

That's a great idea. Today is a perfect day here, 71 degrees and sunny so I gotta get off here as soon as I send my post and get outside.

You are lucky. It ended up being dark and dreary here with a little rain but at least it was about 5 degrees too warm for it to be snow!

I guess from now on any day without snow is a blessing! It's supposed to get close to 80 degrees today here.

You just shush, or you might find me showing up on your doorstep!

lol..I would love that! I'd put you to work helping us design the patio area. It WILL get cold though, but no snow and not very many days of bone-chilling cold, our average wintertime high is 50 degrees. lol.

Thanks so much for creating a #featheredfriends post! !Tip

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