What I see from my deck every sunny day........

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......... are the doves!

Out of all the birds on hand I am choosing the plain old doves, speckled and plain as my #featheredfriends post this week. It was not a hard choice to make because I see them everywhere around the garden, sitting quietly and patiently on the fence, on a neighbour's roof, in a flowering pot plant, in the seed feeder, in the bird bath and on the ground. They even build their nests in our passionfruit vine. I think they have moved in!

Believe it when I say that whenever I look up I see a dove and whatever the time of day I hear their cooing. The only downside I have is getting photos of doves. If you have ever attempted this task you would know they are very jittery flying off at the slightest sound. Nonetheless, not one to give up I managed some photos up close and at a distance.





Cute aren't they? What is even more impressive with the doves is that they were introduced into Australia in 1880's and despite being targets of predators like cats and building fragile unstable nests that easily break, they have flourished in this country. They are very remarkable birds, peaceful, quiet, plain and resilient.

Happy day everyone

Cheers and blessings


Anyone else make plans like Ed Sheeran and have it work out beyond your dreams?



Hey girl, hoping to see you over on hive :) I love your content and would be great to still keep up with it. xo

So you are not writing on Steemit anymore @elsiekjay. I am sure how to transition over to hive.

No I am not. After Steemit has started downvoating and censoring content I don't think it's the best place for any creator. To use hive, you just have to login at https://hive.blog/ with your steem password, and start creating :)
You account will be exactly the same, with the same wallet balance too,but in hive tokens which are selling higher than price even! You're rich!haha

Thank you @elsiekjay, I thought it was far more difficult than this and was trying to go the hard way.