Feathered Friday - Little Cormorant..!!

in #featheredfriday5 years ago (edited)


This is my entry for #featheredfriday initiated by @keithboone

Hope you like this shot. Thanks for stopping by..

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That is an excellent photo, You can easily see how wet he is and why he is drying out his wings! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday. Let's all try to keep the tag going. 🐦🦅🦉

wow outstanding texture! delish framing, awsome job ! I will tag the correct host who is @melinda010100 , & give her your post to :)

Thanks for leading me here, @swedishdragon!

woohoooo :D hes great, right??? did you see them other posts too???

Great, indeed! I'm glad that I didn't miss these.

Glad that u guys liked it:)

woohooo superb work hun :D noooooowwwwww keep them coming ;)

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