Beautiful photos😍 I wich birds could stay still for me too and not hideaway😔

Thanks! It often takes sitting still long enough that they forget that I am there!

Gorgeous shots of them I dont think I have any feathered friends shots to share tomorrow but maybe I will get some tomorrow

I'm struggling with getting new shots each week that are good enough to post! Hope you find something!

birds shots I really struggle with but maybe tomorrow I will get lucky and get some shots :)

Good luck! Things that stay still are so much easier!

Ohh yes indeed, hence why I mostly take photos of things that do not move

That seems like a wise plan! 😁

It works for me, but I did get some shots for tonights post not great but they are feathered :)

Oh good! I'll be watching for them!

They are cute birdies.
Sad statistics about the decreasing number of birds.
I saw the first birds migrating south. I am not sure what they were.

Here is the link to my post today.

I think my kids have thought I was a bit crazy when I have told them that we had so many more birds when I was a kid. It's good to have this validation that my memory is correct!

Beautiful pictures of our littlest feathered friend...

Thanks, luv! They are fun to watch.

I wonder how they count the birds.

There are 440 million fewer blackbirds than there once were, according to the study. They mentioned using radar and volunteer bird counts.

I see. That must be quite a job.

Yes, I saw that article too. Like many other places around the US, there are populations of threatened or endangered species in California (where I live) that are being monitored by local organizations in hopes of restoring numbers, and they recruit volunteers to help with counts. Do you participate in Project Feederwatch, by chance? That is one of the citizen science programs that is coming up this fall/winter that helps gather data (and is quite fun to do).

Im going out tomorrow and hope to have something to post in the afternoon! Thanks for hosting!

I have done Feeder Watch Projects in the past. It is fun to count and be aware. So many of our birds are being lost for lack of habitat. I have watched farmers here rip out miles of fence row trees to gain an extra few bushels of corn with no thought to how many creatures call those areas home. Hope you find some cooperative birds today!

Nice catch. The fist photo that I like the most.

Thanks! Consistently taking good bird photos is a challenge!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Check my new contest and the winner of last week.
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

The bird looks so amazing. What a lovely color. Nice capture!

Thank you! They are so incredibly tiny.

Beautiful shots! 😍 I'll look what I have here for #featheredFriday. Hehe. 😊

I would love to see some of your birds!

I'm happy those little hummingbirds were being cooperative and allowed you to get these great photos. I'm always delighted to see a hummingbird here. I only saw one this year but I didn't really get out as much as I would've liked. I'll come back and drop a link when I get my duck post up. 😊
Here it is

I have a feeder and with all the flowers on my deck they hang around here a lot. I love watching them! Off to see your ducks.

@melinda010100, Looks like your Exploration time was really successful. These pictures are epic. Stay blessed.

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Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked them. They are such fast moving little birds that it is always rather remarkable when I can catch them sitting still!

Welcome and you've captured them so Picture Perfectly.

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I saw hummingbirds in the Caribbean, but they always hung above the flowers and never sat. Good shots :-)

They don't sit still very often!

Yes, a very mobile bird :-)

Lovely shots of the hummer, Melinda. Mine have headed South already.

Those numbers of the decline in birds is frightening. 😢

I have told my kids for years that there are not as many birds now as there were when I was a kid. This confirms it!

I will leave my feeder up until it begins to freeze solid so that all the birds coming through from Canada have a place to stop and have a snack!

Good idea to leave the feeder out for the birds on their way South.

My entry

@melinda010100 I never see hummingbirds sitting still long enough to snap a pic, lucky you.

These guys were patiently waiting for me to fill the hummingbird feeder!

Hi Melinda! What a beautiful hummingbird and photo of it. 3 billion fewer birds is so sad. It is also sad to see the birds leave. I don't see any robins now. : (
Here is mine:

Great gosling photos! I haven't seen an oriole all week and I never saw any grosbeaks today. There were still a few catbirds, but they will be leaving any day, too. And you are right. No robins here either.

Thanks Melinda! Oh, no! They are all leaving us. Good thing we have photos of them. : )

Right now Spring seems so far away. But I will be looking forward to their return!

Wow, they definitely cooperated for you, @melinda010100! Great shots, and I can't believe it's almost time for these cuties to head south for the winter. I hadn't seen that headline - sobering news, to say the least.

Here's my contribution for the week -

Thanks, as always! 😊

!tip steem

They were waiting quite patiently for me to fill their feeder! I haven't seen an oriole in days and assume they have already left. I do love your Woody Woodpecker photos!

Thanks for the tip!

Sad to see number of birds disappearing, we all need to make an effort in having bird friendly gardens. Gorgeous little bird you have managed to capture today Melinda.

Thanks... Those tiny little hummers are such fun to watch. And you are right. We all need to do our part.

Lovely hummingbirds! It's shocking to think that the bird population has been reduced to the extent that you say!

Here are some recent bird photos I've taken:


That's such a beautiful bird! Great photos too. 3 billion less because of clearing of trees?

I assume there are lots of causes. Loss of habitat is a big one, and use of pesticides. Many birds eat insects and it most likely doesn't take eating too many poisoned bugs to kill a bird. Warming temperatures. Ferocious storms.

Oh I bet the next biggest cause is insecticides like you said, that is alarming!

We have not taken good care of our world

that's very unfortunately true and I hope we get a handle on the cleanup of the oceans before they are destroyed!

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