What very beautiful birds, love those spots!
More Ravens for you! :-)


One can never have too many Ravens and these are particularly lovely. You made my day!

Thanks! I had a woodpecker this spring that like to start off his morning around 5:30 or 6 hammering on the metal flue of my chimney. He was really lucky that I like to get up early!

Great post and photograph. Happy Friday to you!

What a beautiful bird. I love your captures. We have some woodpeckers around but I don't know what variety. I'm in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

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Hermodo trabajo y muy lindas fotografias,ese pajarito busco las mejores poses,jaja,parece uno que llamamos aqui en venezuela carpintero porque hace con el pico agujeros en los arboles,saludos amiga y agradecida de usted.

¡Sí, el mismo tipo de pájaro! Estos tipos golpean los árboles o cualquier lugar donde puedan encontrar insectos.

Without a doubt my favorite was the second. This kind of birds I used to see in the park when I was a kid, they made a lot of noise with their beaks and tree trunks. Excellent work!

Thanks! They are noisy when they hammer on trees looking for insects.

Wahh you display a very good bird photo. i like birds.

Thanks! I like watching the birds that visit my yard.

Sucv beautiful woodpecker pictures ^^ .. unfortunately I never encoutered on so far ;(

Thanks! Listen for them in mature stands of trees. You might get lucky!

Fun to see the type of woodpeckers in your part of the world!

There is another type, bigger and green, which we do not see very often.

We have a really big one here, too. The pileated woodpecker. I haven't seen one in a few years.

Oh! He is a beauty! Great photos and thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

Its really nice Hairy Woodpeckers bird.

Thanks so much!

What a lovely woodpecker! Great shots, Melinda! I've got some sandpipers for you today:


It's always interesting to see your shore birds. They are not ones I would see in my backyard!

Thanks. I wanted to capture a Bald Eagle... I heard one, and I saw one briefly way down the beach but when I got there, nothing. Maybe next time :-)

Just yesterday I took a picture of a bird and thought about making a post. Taking pictures of the little birds is a bit difficult

Unless you have fancy equipment most great wildlife photos are just luck. My birds come close because of my bird feeders, otherwise it would be impossible for me to photograph most of them.

Those are such good shots! They don't damage the trees?

Thanks! Not usually. They are going after insects, and if the tree is infested with insects it is probably already in trouble or dead.

Oh good. Well it's pretty cool that you have your own little nature reserve in your backyard!

They are SO adorable! I love the Hairy Woodpeckers (and their somewhat bigger cousins, the Downy Woodpeckers) because they have such bubbly personalities. You got some beautiful shots of those cuties!

Here's my contribution this week -

Thanks, dearest hostess - !tip steem

Thanks, Traci! I don't have as many Downy's around as I used to. The bigger guys seem to have taken over.

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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Lucky you to have 2 on one tree. I am so happy to hear that they had a successful hatch. Beautiful photos as always Melinda. : )
Here is mine:

I think all of my backyard birds seem to have had a good season. More fledlings around than I can ever remember seeing before.

I was always intrigued by woodpeckers! They are such a wonderful creatures! Beautiful shots Melinda 💚😊💚

Thanks! I love having them around, unless they are banging on my fireplace flue!

Are they??? That's hilarious, lol. Sorry I am laughing!!! I know it must annoying!

Sounds like a war zone when he gets started. I think he just likes being the loudest bird in the woods!

That's hilarious, lol. Poor you thou!

They are great images.

Thanks so much!

pleased to pass

Those are amazing shots. If I could just get a shot like that once...
And here you have lots of them. I love woodpeckers, as long as they are not pecking on my house just outside my bedroom window too early in the morning.

Thanks! Cropping helped but that feeder, which they love, is on my deck and when I go out there they don't go very far away, so getting photos isn't too hard! They can be noisy when they discover bugs on the house or a nearby tree!

I am jealous that woodpeckers come to your feeders! They havent been brave enough to visit feeders at my apartment or my mom's house, and it is near impossible to get photos of them in the trees!

It looks like you have both downy and hairy woodpeckers, by the way! The first and third photos look like downys, and the fourth looks like a hairy. The second photo appears to show both species in a great side by side comparison! I learned the mnemonic "downy is dinky and hairy is huge" to remember how to tell them apart, as the hairy woodpecker is the bigger of the two. Without them side by side, the beak is the best giveaway! The downy has a small beak that is shorter than the length of the head, and the hairy has a beak that is about as long as the head - again that second photo is a great example!

I am still new to steem and am excited to join in on something fun like this #featheredfriday! Maybe next week I can start!

@passerine! With that username you certainly are welcome to post at #featheredfriday! You can use the tag any day. It's not just for Fridays.

And you are right. I have hairy, Downey and red bellied and an occasional pileated.
Thanks for the corrected IDs. I usually ID the hairys by the comma on their shoulder but I get confused with them all when there are so many fledglings around! The young birds don't always have a distinctive comma and unless they are side by side I can't tell the difference in their beaks!
I'm looking forward to seeing #featheredfriday posts from you!

Pileated woodpeckers, wow! I have never seen one before and I am sure I would flip if I found one in my yard!

And thank you for the invite to #featheredfriday! I'm excited to participate! :)

Woodpeckers are so cool and you got some terrific photos of this one Melinda! I am pretty good at hearing them but not so good at finding them..but they still keep me! 😉 😊

They are noisy! Between their hammering and their loud squawking they do make their presence known.

Beautiful close up of these Hairy Woodpeckers your so lucky they hang around for you to photograph them 🌝

The seed cylinder that I buy for in the feeder on the deck says'for woodpeckers' and they must have read the advertising!

That's some pretty smart woodpeckers you have over really i think it's that animal magnetism you have in you they just all love you or it's the free food 🌝

Ha! They do tend to stop in for a free snack!

They have you all worked out 🤣

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