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I can't do a thing with my feathers

Madge looked around, she felt she was being looked at. Damn, there's that pesky Human, always taking pictures, and here I am all wet from the rain and my feathers looking so droopy. I just wanted a quick bite to eat.

DSC_8727 - Copy edited and cropped.jpg

Oh man, he has the camera on the tripod, I best go get a bit dry, then come back for the photo shoot. These spur of the moment photo shoots from him can get rather annoying at times.

DSC_8728 - flyn to dry.jpg

Don't worry Human, I will be back for my close ups. I just need to do some flyin' to dry a bit. I just can't have this ruffled wet feather look for ya. I wonder if the Human understands, I'd hate to go to all the drying trouble just to come back and him not be at the window.

DSC_8732 -  sorta dry.jpg

Ah, you did wait for my return. Good human. See I am a bit more dry now, a few flits from tree to tree and the wings are mostly water free. Hey check this pose out, my imitation of Atlas.

DSC_8733 - food.jpg

Okay well it's in my beak, a tiny little globe of the world, instead of on my shoulders, well you see I don't really have shoulders, Atlas could carry the world on the back of his shoulders, me I'm just a little bird Human, I need to use my shoulders to beat my wings to move about, so I carry the world in my beak. So now if you don't mind, I think I will depart from our photo session and devour my world in peace away from prying eyes.

Here is an excerpt from @melinda010100

I just created a new community for us on the Steemit beta site and named it Feathered Friends! It was so easy to do and I am quite excited to see how it is all going to come together once it goes live and we can all be there together!
You can still use #featheredfriday, but I am changing the tag to #featheredfriends since you can post any day of the week. It's not just about Friday's anymore!

Here is the link to her post talking about it. She has created a steemit community for us to play in.

All the bird pics were taken today about 2 pm Alaska time, by me.


Nice landing photos of that Atlas bird 😘

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Love your Atlas bird! I am really excited about communities and can't wait for it to go live! Thanks for posting to Freatheredfriends/Friday! Resteeming.

2020 I hope brings some clarity to the vision of steem and steemit, because they really do need to start looking back at what went right and what went wrong. Looking forward to see how the communities thing works out.

I am convinced that is exactly what Steemit is working on next. Communities will be a huge part of redesigning all that Steem is!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Great shots of the actions of the bird. Nice to see the bird return all dried off. 😊

it was funny to watch it fly away, and then to come back and really almost pose for the shots.

These series of photos are too darn cute @bashadow!! Except the last one which I think is amazing! I love the narration you did also! 💖

I was surprised that for once my zoom lens seemed to focus. I have been changing settings, and may have the right ones now. I thought a silly little story would be fun to go with the pictures.

I'm glad it focused also and I do love a good silly little story now and again! 😉

Lovely shots.... I was really only able to shoot a bird in a short distance and was careful not to shoo him away...your shots are great!

Thank you, I had been having some issues with my zoom lens and focus, but hope I have the right settings now.

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