Handsome guys. And girls too

Thanks! I love watching them through the widow on the cold winter days

How beautiful woodpeckers 😍 I hope I can find beautiful birds like that too!

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Do you have a spot where you can put out some seeds for them?

These are all great shots, but that last one is my absolute favorite! And so awesome about the new community! I can't wait until it's out of beta so I can see how cool it all is. 😊

Speaking of, I shouted out on your other post with my latest contribution to the tag, and possibly (if I did it right) to the new community. Thanks so much for doing all this, Melinda!


Good plan. Ill try in my next post. The garden I went to had a nice duck pond wih colorful ducks.

Feel free to tag me! I'm looking forward to seeing your ducks!

Oh, and here in CA our flickers have red feathers instead of yellow! Anybaightings of yellow-shafted flickers trigger email alerts since they are rare here :)

There are two of them hanging about my feeder right now. They are occasional visitors.

#featheredfriends!!! What a great tag, @melinda010100! Thanks for creating this tag. And now.. to capture a few of feathered creatures... Oh yeah, there are pigeons that nest under the solar panels on my roof!!!
Have a beautiful day, my friend and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I can't wait to see which birds you find to take pictures of! Glad you like the tag/ soon to be community!

What topics do you discuss in #featheredfriends

Photos and information about different birds from around the world and all things bird related. Bird houses, bird art, etc

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Congratulations on this new milestone! 😍 And what lovely shots!!! All are gorgeous. 💕💕💕

I think communities is going to be great for Steem!

Yes, I think so too. 😍

I usually use #featheredfriday tag on Fridays. Tomorrow I will post the video clip about Woodstock. )

That works for now and I'll look forward to seeing your post!

Such an interesting bird! !Tip

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So #featheredfriends it is!! 🙂 That last photo is so cool, it's as the flicker was thinking "Who the hell is eating my stuff??" 😂 😂 😂

I think that was exactly what he was thinking! When he saw that it was only a little chickadee he didn't bother chasing him away.

Ahah true, not a real competitor! 😂

Good luck with your community.

I made two communities! One for Shadow Hunters, too, and I am creating today's post from within the community! Wish me luck!

Good luck with your two communities. 😊

Have a great weekend!

It is quite exciting trying to figure out how it is all going to work! Hope your weekend is great, too!

👍 🙏 😊

Awesome photos, Melinda. Great shot of the woodpecker and northern flicker.
I like the new tag as featheredfriends.

Thanks! I think the tag will work out well for us. It will certainly make it easier for me to keep up with the posts if they are not all crowded onto Friday and I won't run out of Friday voting power as quickly!

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WoW...You really get some awesome birds that come visit you 👍

They do keep me looking out the windows even when it is cold outside!

And why not they are pretty to look at 🦋

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Thanks, Pix! 😁

What lovely shots with pairs of different birds - such variety you have there!
Cool that you caught the Downy woodpecker and the hairy woodpecker together to show the difference!
that Flicker looking at the chickadee is so cute!
Be interesting to see what #Featheredfriends brings!
Thanks for sharing!

I'm excited about the Feathered Friends community!

Nice that we will have a place to congregate in the future. It will be interesting to see how the communities work.

Looks like that Flicker and that little Chickadee are discussing what pieces are the best little morsels.

I am looking forward to communities as a way to sort the content I see first! I think it is going to work wonderfully for that.

Fantastic shots! I am trying to make some new photos of birds, so to have enough to post after my holiday.

Thanks! I can't wait to see which birds you find!

Great to see new tag enabling a post any day of the week.

Thoroughly enjoy seeing your birds, double trouble photography, wishing you well under new tag.

Thanks! I think #FeatheredFriends will work well as Steem evolves into communities and SMTs

These photos are abolutely brilliant Melinda. Those woodpeckers are so much a like. I remember them pecking to a big tree at the back of the ton house I used to live.
By the way, it looks like those Robins are gone.

Smart Robin's! I haven't seen any either! You know how much I enjoy having these birds visiting.

Oh yes, I know Melinda and me too. But I am also happy that they are in a warmer place now, with enough food. I think, the ones I photographed were not the same as are around during the summer. I think they were just flying south and got caught up in that snow we were having. Luckily we have those crabapple trees, which helped them survive, The trees are completely empty now, which I never seen before.

This photo was taken on a bitter cold January day. I counted 12 in this flock. rnuylvwm41.jpg

Looks like is is munching on those berries too. But I don't understand why they stick around there. We definitely don't have any here.

There's always got to be someone in the crowd trying to prove how tough they are! 🤣

That flicker looks absolutely massive next to that chickadee!!

It does look massive and the chickadee did not appear to be at all threatened!

Nice photos! I've never seen a northern flicker! That's a nice-looking bird!

We have "hairy's" at our feeder, too, though..


It looks like you're managing to keep the riffraff out of your's, at least!

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Congratulations and many successes in your new Meli project, your feathers as a couple are spectacular I love them, I will be participating again

Thanks! I always look forward to see photos from you!

Thank you very much, I will be present soon

What's the difference between publishing under a hashtag and in a community ...? Do you have, as the creator of community, a dashboard that make it easier to follow ..?
And how the hell did you create already two communities ? ^_^ and what is the second one ? Well, that's really a lot of questions, but you are always way ahead of us, as usual ! 😄

Feathered Friends and Shadow Hunters. A community is rather like a room where everyone with the same interest can post. You will be able to post just to the community without it going onto your blog if you want. I was invited into the private beta site. There will be an open public release very soon. I am quite excited about it! You will be able to pin posts, and mute spammers. Smart Media Tokens will be a part of Communities. So much yet to learn!

ooh. then I understand it a bit like the channels in Tsu, I'm I right..?
being able to post only in the channel is also a great thing !
will you create a token for your communities my dear ? I understand nothing to the token creation, I tried my best to understand how to create, but even if it has been made relatively easy and automated, I think you have to know (thus understand) how many and at what price you want to release...I feel a bit stupid to not grab that, but this is a concept, and in a foreign language, so it makes it twice difficult to grab indeed ... 🤔😁

I think it may make more sense for me to buy a bunch of SMTs once they are released and award someone else's token rather than create my own. There is still so much to learn!

Howdy Melinda! gorgeous photos! The community concept is coming together it sounds like. Makes me a little apprehensive though because I don't really know of any that I would fit in since I'm not a photographer and not really into flowers. Birds are cool but I rarely see them close to the house.

Why don't you start your own community? History of the World? Or any topic that you tend to appreciate. I think you will find lots of communities to join. @exyle has already started one called BBQ and Beer. You will be able to post directly into a community that you belong to without sharing it on your blog.