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This four-letter word, fear has crippled many and has rendered destinies. No matter how tough you are, there is no doubt that you have experienced fear in one form or the other.

Most of the times, fear arises as a result of specific uncertainties about something and prevents us from taking the actions that would help us attain a particular level or outcome. Consequently, our self-esteem diminishes and this, in turn, further holds us back from reaching out to the next goal, and so on and so forth. That is how we allow fear to stop us from reaching our best in all ramifications and aspects of life.

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Here are the steps which will help you in overcoming fear in your life.


This is the first step you need to take. You must find out or identify the cause of the fear and define it accordingly. Ask yourself the question, What exactly am I afraid of? What is that thing that I fear? What are the problems that I am facing? When you have finally pinpointed the reasons making you afraid or caging you in fear, the next thing to do is to ask yourself, If I don’t do anything about this fear, will my life improve? What will happen if I do nothing?

Bring up as many reasons as you can to why you must prevail over that fear that is limiting you. This will give you the emotional leverage you need to take decisive actions that will get rid of the fear.

Fire up your imagination

This is where you start imagining how your life will look like if you have no fear for the future. This is where you pattern your actions towards what you want to achieve and the steps to follow. In order words, you will have clarity about what you would love to accomplish.

Clarify your fear triggers

The fear that you nurse may have arisen as a result of an experience you had in the past. You need to be able to identify this so that you don’t accidentally trigger the fear again.

Transform and Execute

Take action to transform your life. Imagine life without anything hindering your actions or movements. Then go ahead and implement the activities that will take you to that desired level in life, entirely free of any encumbrance of fear that used to hold you back.

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Who is the first. I pick this four-letters word.

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Sometimes you don't know why fear comes,you just find your heart beating fast and you start imagining what could have happened. But you can overcome it when you don't actually give it room or you don't care.
We can only overcome fear when you disallow it.