'Doomsday Clock' Moves Again, Is Everything Lining Up For An Event? - Episode 1482b

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The FBI lied to the American people that they could not retrieve the emails, this is normal practice for the FBI when investigating crimes. The cabal (deep state) is throwing everything they have at what is coming down the pike, they are using propaganda to dirty the water. The DOJ is going after free speech, the cabal was and still is in the process of trying to convince the people they do not have rights, now the DOJ is pushing back. FBI was afraid of Clinton and that why nothing happened with the Clinton email case.NYT and other corporate media publications have put out another propaganda piece about Trump firing Mueller, the problem is that corporate media has no proof. Qatar is ready to purchase the S400 missile system from Russia. Something is about to happen in Ukraine. The Doomsday clock moved 30 seconds closer to annihilation. Is the cabal planning a false flag event during the Superbowl.

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Will there be tribunals?

What's going on in the Ukraine is the ongoing full out war that nobodies reporting on. Ukraine are bombing and killing civilians everyday. It's interesting what you are saying about the Kurds, can you (or anyone reading this) point me to where i can find out more.


NY times article is interesting. I still can't find out where it says anything about the Kurds appealing to the Syrian government to help them.


The Hawaii non-accidental missile alert should be a huge warning sign to people big things are about to go down. Also,

Anyone that supports digital currency over physical money like silver and gold is the enemy of humanity:


@x22report Now this may be a long weekend, events may occur that change the course of the story. Excellent post and video. regards

Thank You Dave, These bad guys need to go to jail.

A few weeks back it was Isr_el launching missiles at Syria testing the Russian s400 missile defence systems. Well, they work. Missile launch towards Riyadh from Yemen failed. N. Korea launch towards Japan. Dud..Ummm
NEWS FLASH - Don't believe the launch button , no matter how big it is.
Yes, the bad guys are being played by their own game in Syria. Allowing the Kurds to be in Syria give them protection and to the Syrian Gov. their weapons of U.N. + U.K. + I.S. + U.S.A destruction. Turkey "pretends" to attack which will bring forth (hopefully) a peace agreement. It seems that PUTIN/Trump/Assad/Kurds(trained by I.A.D.) are all on the same page. Game Over Bad Guys?