Faucet Payouts for 16th August 2018

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Faucet Payout

1.18 SBD shared with these 101 people so 0.012 SBD each.

@abbak7 @aiyumi @aksios @amart29 @anasuleidy @andreja @arbaazshaikh10 @authorcolinbmw @banditqueen @bigsambucca @biryuza @bitdip @bojakcates @brosol @bucipuci @bxlphabet @carlota67 @cryptocopy @dizzyapple @dubletna @eagle42 @elider11 @elkeps @emilymorua @ericet @exploretraveler @extraterrestrial @fhstralow @firstamendment @fitinfun @georgeknowsall @hairyfairy @hangin @hillaryoki @itsjessamae @jamescrusader @jdbs @jjqf @joel0101 @johngentry @johngentryjr @kcherukuri @kidsreturn @kryptonia @kryptoniabot @lacl @lalis19 @lemedieval @leopenuela18 @ludevielucero @luminophore @luzanais @machv @magnitocryp @mapleleaf123 @mariannewest @maryresp @mawit07 @maxili63 @me2017 @miriam11 @momekato @mps01k @mydivathings @myscrible @mytechtrail @n365m @nahupuku @nathansenn @nilsv @orthowater @palomot @piccola.valeria @pirateofthedtube @pivi @psi.acastillo @psyceratopsb @quotes-haven @rengus @reonlouw @richard78624 @riyuwe @robhimself1 @ronforest @rosargelisperez @rubelynmacion @salmahi @shoukath @sinlg @socialmediaseo @solangeh @stillwater @suanky @sughey @teresah @thewitchdoctor @traylorjonathan @valeromariav @wendyth16 @wonderwop @youarehope

Check the Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Faucet/PendingPayments/

Current Daily Faucet Post http://csyd.es/Faucet

Please leave comment that you received your payout to show others this is real.

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Thank you VERY much for sharing! It is great to be on the list! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Can I get my account back , please?

great to see my name again

I wonder what nerf is?

Well it is always good to see that many people are attending the faucet. Would be great if some more would participate as well.

thank for sbd

Thank you...


Why am i not included in the faucet of 16th august? didn't i meet the condition for eligibility?

Upvote and Comments are the requirements. Also need to do those while the Faucet is Open.

Ok thanks. I won't forget to upvote next time

Sigo agradecida

Thankk you for the payout

Back on track.

Closer and closer!

I am on the list.

Thanks for sharing

hello! thanks for the work.

thanks friend!