Faucet Payouts for 12th July 2018

in faucet •  9 months ago


1.21 SBD shared with these 147 people so 0.008 SBD each.

@abbak7 @abrahamg12 @aceace @aiyumi @ajrivas93 @aksios @ambarabby @amintarosa @anasuleidy @andreja @arbaazshaikh10 @armandofd @asimdnw @authorcolinbmw @avtoledy @benleemusic @bigsambucca @biryuza @bitdip @bojakcates @brusneilish @bucipuci @bxlphabet @cicisaja @citizenkane @cobran @damiana @darlyrin @denissebermudez @dhaneshpk @didmyownresearch @elider11 @elkeps @ericet @eugenekul @exploretraveler @extraterrestrial @fhstralow @firstamendment @fitinfun @floridelvalle @francyrios75 @freewritehouse @gilres @godlovermel25 @hangin @hillaryoki @itsjessamae @izaid @jamescrusader @jdbs @jesusagon @jesusvieira @jimybpt @jjqf @joanstewart @joel0101 @johngentry @johngentryjr @jos3lider @kcherukuri @kidsreturn @korshed @kryptonia @kryptoniabot @lacl @lauracguzman @leetahsar @loresb @lovemetouchme2 @ludevielucero @luminophore @machv @magnitocryp @mariale07 @mariamzr @mariannewest @maryresp @maxili63 @me2017 @meme.elena @michaelwilshaw @millerjtaipe @mirandafr @moissrams @momekato @mps01k @mrzurkon @mydivathings @mydraor @myscrible @mytechtrail @n365m @nahupuku @nathansenn @nexit @nrich239 @nuevavidaexito @omarlybenitez @omg-is-biology @onefatindian @pelvis @pequef @piccola.valeria @pilgrimtraveler @platyrhodon @poyim @pravinnandanwar @princesave @psi.acastillo @psyceratopsb @puskas @quotes-haven @reonlouw @richard78624 @riyuwe @robhimself1 @rocaxel @rosargelisperez @rubelynmacion @rufruf @sabias-que @sam0014 @shoukath @sinlg @skycornish @socialmediaseo @solangeh @stillwater @suanky @sunday21 @suomibotti @sureshtembhurne @sustainablelivin @sweetjoy @tantrum @teresah @theresa16 @thewitchdoctor @traylorjonathan @trituratusmiedos @unicron @vacilator @vijbzabyss @wonderwop @youarehope @yunairy

Check the Pending Payments here --> http://csyd.es/Faucet/PendingPayments/

Current Daily Faucet Post http://csyd.es/Faucet

Please leave comment that you received your payout to show others this is real.

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I am there :)

Thanks VERY much for sharing! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

hihi, I am here again

Gracias por el apoyo

Excellent faucet. Love this Colin. 👌

Gracias por el apoyo.

Friday is here again for another faucet.

Thanks Colin for sharing

Thanks for the daily evaluation

Haven't get any.. yet😉 but i know will you send the accumulation of the drop when it reach 0.5 SBD later? So I can comeback to your faucet for it😊
Thank you @sydesjokes.. wish you continued success👍

I'm Available

And this too