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Are you bulking?

Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you trying to do both?

Are we talking upper body, lower body, or full body workouts?

C'om brah . . . give me something.

When mailing something, you don’t put your address as: “By the Walmart on elm street.” No, you put your exact address—with questions, it should be no different.

I could give you a slapstick answer, but if you know me, you see that I don’t just respond to the question—I correct the question then answer both the original and the corrected version.

“When is the best time to workout legs if I’m intermittent fasting and trying to cut weight?”

“When is the best time to workout (each body part) when I am IF and trying to bulk up? (I am currently doing a 4x a week training split consisting of push/legs/pull/abs respectively.)”

Questions like above are much easier for me to give you a super detailed answer, instead of giving you info that you might not want or need. (If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably don’t care about how to gain it!)

Are you bulking? - You’re going to want to workout no more than four times a week; I prefer three. After each workout day, you want a rest day. I push my workouts until 9 pm; I have no food up until 7 pm. Here I will eat a lot of fast acting carbs (approx 200 grams for you # freaks) at 7 pm alongside 50 grams of protein via shake or easy to digest food. Example, chicken breast and rice, or shake and sugar cookies; low-fat carbs. On leg day, I have a cheat day, where I workout in the morning. I consume carbs/proteins before, after and all day on leg day.

Are you trying to lose weight? — My advice is you’re going to want to workout no less than four times per week; I prefer five. Again, pushing the workouts as late as possible, however, this time no carbs before the workout. After the workout, nothing changes from bulking, eat lots of carbs and protein. Again this is a 9 pm workout for me. I have a refeed day on leg day, the same routine as when I bulk.

On smaller body part days, I push my workout as late as possible. With legs, I like to hit them early. The reason behind training legs when you wake up is not solely due to the fact they're our biggest muscle; it also has to do with timing. Unlike with other body parts, when you sit down, this will affect your leg strength later in the day. The cut off of blood flow will temporarily weaken your legs. I sit all day as I run my business from the comfort of my home, so it’s a must for me to hit legs not soon after I wake up. Also, testosterone is highest in the morning, and when you workout legs it releases the most testosterone of any muscle. It’s a good combo to get a natural higher testosterone boost.


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