Leggings - A Glimpse At The Design Process

in fashion •  9 months ago

     Here is a pair of leggings I did the textile design for. Designing the artwork was a multi-step process which began on a 60" x 20" canvas that I painted with ink. From there things went digital after I photographed the canvas. Once I had it photographed, I took that image, vectorized it and then colored it in using Illustrator. 

     From there I made a few patterns from that graphic which I have featured on other textiles, including a few different dresses. For these leggings, I scaled up the colored image and oriented it to fit well on this garment, paying attention to symmetry as well as the shapes formed where the design meets back at itself. 





Thanks for taking a look! I really appreciate that! 

If you'd like to see other creations of mine, please follow along!

Also, these leggings are available for purchase on my website if anybody is interested. https://infiniteperspective.com/product/kaliedopurp-zoom-leggings/


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Hey thanks! Following ARTzone and definitely will!!!!