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RE: Beauty Parlour with @bookoons (13)

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First time ever on the show. Its nice to have my boss @cherlysonty on the show. Affliate marketting and sales consultant is a growing business most people dont know of. @Bookoons, the dip as been bad to be candid, but with the little fire of hoping burning in our hearts, we hope things will be alright.

Speaking of fashion, I really dont care about it untill now when I get to understands most things. @Cherylsonty preffered neatly dressed guys and I know she forgot to add this "Rich,tall dark and handsome". Its a pleasure being here. Hope to see you next week. Stay blessed my Ijesha blood!

Upvoted,commented and resteemed and dont forget to send my something heavy(light) .


Thanks for coming in today, hope to see more of you, else I'll disbrother you😂

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Thanks for making it to the salon. I appreciate

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