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Heritage is much more than those buildings you see on the historical site, it is something you inherit within you and the values you bring to your daily life.

I am currently wearing Batik, to remind me of my Indonesian heritage. If you could notice the intricate detail on my greenish cape, you will see how complicated the patterns are.
Back then, it was hand painted and worn by nobles. Patterns mean as poems in Batik, it resembles the family, legacy, and the artist behind the piece of cloth.
Modern day technology has brought me this beautiful cape, which I score on the market 5 years ago in Jakarta for barely less than 20 euros. It is still hanging in my closet, bringing pops of flowers among the boring white shirts.


Follow me through my journey on preserving my Indonesian heritage https://steemit.com/@astriela

I am interested in people who write recipes and knowledge on fashion stuffs, if you are one of them,
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Welcome to Steemit @astriela! :c)

It is an interesting story as regards the garment concerned - the batik. It is fair to say that it respects heritage.

Since you're new here, a quick read through this post may prove helpful.

Batik is cool, I got a few pieces last time I was in Indonesia


Great! do you wear it often? I think it's quite nice to wear it during semi-formal occasion


Yes, I do, I really like it, for example I wear it to nice dinners

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