How to prepare the land to plant?

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The key to obtaining good results in any crop, begins with the adequate preparation of the soil, that is why before starting a crop it is necessary to carry out a series of agricultural activities, mainly "the plow", which is synonymous with tillage, the activity is done with the purpose of eliminating weeds and making the soil move well, so that it is well loose, aerated and oxygenated, this will favor the good development of the roots of the plants and, therefore, we will have strong plants and vigorous.

Preparing the terrain with disc harrow.

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How to prepare the soil before starting a crop?

Before starting a crop, it is important to know how to prepare the land for sowing, here I will give you some recommendations so that you can be successful in your planting.

  • The first thing you should know is the characteristics of the land we have, to know which is the crop that best adapts to these conditions; remember that there are different types of soils that can benefit some plants but not others, for example, wheat and barley crops, grow very well in heavy and humid soils, while sandy soils favor carrot crops and the beet, another type of soil is arid and desert areas where few plants survive as the Cactus.

  • Once we have chosen the crop that adapts to our soil, the next step is the preparation of the soil, because even if you have a fertile soil it is always necessary to plow the soil so that it is looser and free of clods. the seeds will be able to germinate more easily.

But, what is the plow of the earth?

The plow or the tillage, consists of opening furrows to move the earth, this process is done manually or mechanized; When the land is prepared manually, agricultural implements are used: sickle, shovel, ax, fork, saw, ax, rake, pick and hoes; This type of tools is used in small crops, but if it is large-scale crops or for commercial purposes, it is better to prepare the land with plows or mechanical bleachers formed by discs that are coupled to agricultural tractors.

Agricultural tools for the manual preparation of the land:.


Disc harrow coupled to agricultural tractor:


As we have seen in the images, the mechanized bleachers are designed to undo the surface layer of the ground, since it has some discs that penetrate the earth to a depth of 30 to 35 centimeters. This operation is carried out several times to eliminate weeds and make the soil thinner and lighter. To make more effective the passes of the stands, these are made in a cross-sectional way.


What is achieved with the plow?

  • With the plow it is possible to eliminate the weeds.
  • In the plowing process, the soil is cut well so that it is thin and light.
  • The plow allows to aerate and oxygenate the earth, which will favor the correct development of the roots of the plants and therefore we will have strong and vigorous plants.
  • With the work of the plow we can incorporate some additional fertilizers into the soil, such as organic fertilizers, minerals, living organisms or compost.
  • The plows are also made to incorporate green fertilizers in the soil, especially in those lands exhausted by the repetition of crops.

The elaboration of the furrows:.
The furrow is part of the same preparation of the land, this is done by hand or with machines, on the side of the furrows are placed the seeds or seedlings of the crop, and also serve to transport the irrigation water.

Own image

Making rows and ditches with agricultural hoe:


Making the furrows to sow with the use of agricultural tractor and furrower:


So, preparing the land is the first step we must take before starting a crop. With this we seek to improve the structure of the soil, in this activity we can add some additional nutrients, such as organic matter or chemical fertilizers rich in NPK. So that the earth is in the best conditions to receive the seeds or seedlings of the crop that we are going to start.


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