When Farming Isn't Enough

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Here is a little introduction to the main cover story article of the recent ag magazine we got.
Image taken from AgWeek's Aug. 12, 2019 issue

And it is the truth. I don't know what the main population believes about farming, but most don't typically earn enough with farming alone. Sure there are still those large-scale, greedy farmers that "make it big," but I'm quite sure that can be said about any busniess sect.

The majority usually don't make enough on the farm to sustain the family. Either the wife has to go out and work to provide an extra income/health insurance, or the farmer has to find more than one source of income. (Which I think is a good idea in anyone's sitation. Never put all your eggs in one basket.)

Thankfully for us, we are doing ok right now without outside income coming in. Sure it would be nice. Who wouldn't say extra income would be nice. But we are managing. The Big Man has had a couple seasonal jobs in the past, and I did have a full-time job for a couple years, but right now we try to decrease our spending needs vs making more money. With a growing family though, we are having to get more crafty!

If anyone is interested in reading the main article, I can do another post on that at a later time. Just let me know!


My grandpa was a farmer in PA, but he made his living providing a school bus service. If not for the busses, he couldn't be a farmer.

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It’s surprising how common it is. That reminds me of my grandpa. He drove school bus, worked as a janitor, and eventually just rented out the farm land instead.

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I'm enjoying these posts, seeing as you have first hand experience with farming I appreciate you sharing. I hope you continue to do so!

Glad you enjoy it! I think I’m finally finding my blogging routine: short, sweet, to the point, and closely related to everyday life. While I enjoy homesteading topics (and I’ll still write some homesteading posts here and there), I don’t think focusing my attention on doing homesteading posts suited me well.

I believe you should just write about whatever is going on at that time or whatever peaks your interest!

Howdy hebrewhousewife! That's a great article. I had no idea 40% of farmers had to work outside jobs to make it! Do you think you'll go back to work when the kids are older? I actually think that Steemit will provide a very good part time income in the coming years.

You know, I sure hope not. I don't enjoy working outside the home. Maybe its because I didn't like the jobs I was at, but it just felt restricting.
I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on Steemit. Seems like everyone is looking to get out. Hey, by the way, I got on esteem now!

Oh very good about esteem! Have you had any problems with it?
Well, I have more of a positive outlook about the Steem blockchain than I do steemit but if the blockchain continues to grow and prosper then steem will be fine. There are so many good things happening on the blockchain that it's VERY encouraging!

The Steem blockchain is ranked number 6th in the entire world out of all the other blockchains out there as far as the number of developers working on it with different projects and businesses. And that's just one of many encouraging factors.

I don't know to differentiate the blockchain from anything else. So is esteem considered part of the steem blockchain?
Haven't had any issues other than it doesn't update as fast as I'd like. How and what do we do with the esteem points?

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