A Series on Gender and Agriculture - Issue #3

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Hi friends! I'm continuing my series on Gender and Agriculture. This topic is really important to me, as I am a female with a permaculture farm. I have also worked on various farms while traveling. I am passionate about deconstructing power structures and current regimes. This series will attempt to deconstruct the current patriarchal food regime.

I graduated from American University with a BA in International Studies. I had a regional focus on Latin America and a specialty in Global Inequality and Development. All images are from Pexel.com and are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

You can find the first parts of the series here:

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In a world of drastic development of agricultural practices and farming methods, there seems to be an underdevelopment of half of the people working in agriculture. Currently, a woman in the first world can go to the grocery store and pick out food from every region in the world. However, many women in the third world who grow the food do not even have rights to their own labour or food that they produce. There is a growing inequality in the current food regime, and it does not favour women in the Global South. In fact, in rural areas women’s access to productive resources in agriculture have declined (Sen & Grown, 1987: 34).

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Thanks for sharing...i like it

i like a very good post ...

"Permaculture" Wow! Thats entirely new to me, but I checked it up,
"the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient." Inlearnt something new today, thank u

Farm Work Play was never envisaged as an exclusively female space. More women should be allowed to work in the farm, food and agriculture field. Much success to you.

Wow! This is intriguing. While i am not in anyway in support of the current patriarchal system the world operates, i still feel there are a number of things that are just natural order and should never be distorted. I am of the opinion that nature has given everyone their place and there is a need for to look at why they got such rather than focus on what they think should get.

Women is super power. Like wonder women. Like my mother.

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