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Don't give up man. Keep that grind going, comment and be active, use some boosters to get your posts seen and just do it for fun. Don't treat money as a priority.

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Im trying brother i still prefer this over facebook for sure but even on facebook man people respond. Im just not getting the interaction im craving from here. I want to talk technical i want to be in the nitty gritty details of trading talk to other traders and crypto enthusiests people like me. And ive found some really awesome people a few have dissapeared and a few still pop in for a visit every once in awhile but now i get more interaction from a goofy picture then i do about a technical analysis chart i spent hours on looking for advice on other ways to read it and i just get nothing. But im kind of moaning about it and i shouldnt have let it get to me. Im gonna post my shit anyways! Lol maybe steemit will gets its grip back