Possible late round sleeper in fantasy football

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This will be a quick post about a late round possible sleeper for fantasy football. This is for a receiver that you can grab in the 10th or 11th round. This sleeper is Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Kupp was the second highest scoring rookie receiver last year and he was the top scoring receiver for the Rams. Kupp and Rams QB Goff seem to have a nice rapport going. Kupp scored double digit fantasy points in 6 of 15 games last year in standard leagues. He was also fourth in red-zone targets in the entire NFL with 23.

Kupp has the potential to be a match-up dependent WR 3 or Flex play early in the season. He can also be used as a fill in for the bye weeks. If his numbers improve as the season goes on, you may even consider starting him weekly. He has pretty good potential for a guy that you can grab in the double digit rounds. I think he is worth a flyer that late in the draft. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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I like Kupp a lot too, but not sure how much value he holds this year. I think he would be a legit WR3 this year if they didn't sign Cooks. Cooks, Kupp, Robert Wood, and of course Todd Gurley..lot of mouths to feed.


You make some good points. Maybe grab Kupp for the bench and wait it out. Although, I think Cooks' best days are behind him


I agree. I had snagged Kupp off waivers last year and was impressed. I just feel that he's going to have a slight regression year.

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Cool. I will check you guys out.

ppr for sure. Him and Goff have so much chemistry, from college roomates now to pro teammates. They had a really good connection going on last year, and I see it even getting better this year. ppr I wouldnt be surprised if he is gone in round 7-8.

I think Robert Woods and Kupp will remain go to guys. Cooks has speed but it hasn't translated to the expected production on the field.


I think Cooks is going to have a down year. I am staying away from him