Skye, An Introduction

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Author's Introduction to the story

SKYE Written on the 08/25/06

I started writing this story when I was just eighteen years old. It is about a lonely, charismatic, romantic and dreamy hero. The story is written from the back to the front. It starts off with the present and takes you into the past. This is an introductory and the very beginning of something more than just a story. It might be hard to understand in the beginning but once you finish I think you'll be proud of me.

Skye is the first short story of about four. It takes you on a journey with Sky. It shows his weakness and strength, his ability to love and be coldhearted. It shows his destiny and fate and how he must persevere through thick and thin, through good and bad and most importantly becoming what he was meant to be. A hero. I wrote the stories the way I did because I need you to know the hero, his back ground and what he's been through.

After I finish the short story series and you know Skye a little better I will start the Epic trilogy of the Cradle of Faith. The Cradle of Faith is set to be about 1500 pages. More or less. It's a vivid story in my mind and hopefully someday I will start and be able to finish. I am about to take you on a journey like no other. You are about to enter into the darkest days of our time, where the light does not shine and warmth was a thing of the past.

I really do hope you enjoy Sky and as my writing matures, I hope you mature along with me. I hope you fall in love with Sky, cry with him, feel his pain and happiness. You are his weakness and you will become his strength because in the end he is fighting for all of us.

I just want everyone to know that I tried my best and if my best is not good enough I'm truly sorry. I can't do refunds...

Yours truly,

Sean Dalipsingh

Skye, An Introduction

By Sean Dalipsingh

He was star gazing, she was contemplating.

They both knew it was coming to an end.

A new moon sat in the sky - opaque and observant - marking with a promising glory, something better. The clouds, thin and sparse, wrapped its fingers around the world. The stars were bright and beautiful and Skye was somewhere else with them. Skye had come into Magdalene's life two weeks after her son's savage death and here he was, three months later, about to walk out the same way he came in.


"Do you have to go?" she asked, her voice low and sorrowful.

He looked at her - she looked pitiful - and said in a plain, cold voice. "I can't give you what you're looking for."

And right then and there she hated him. She hated how callous and coldhearted he could be. And mostly, she hated the people that made him like that. Inhuman. "I know," she said, her lips trembling now. "But you remind me so much of him... can't you stay a little longer? please." She reiterated on please in a kind of soft, high pitch yelp.

"Ma'am - "

"I hate when you call me ma'am!" she snapped. Ever since you first knocked on my door you've been calling me ma'am and I hate it, I just hate it!" She gave a pathetic laugh.

She remembered it all to clear - that day.

She had heard three tentative knocks on the front door and had wondered why in the hell didn't they just use the doorbell. On her way to the front door, she had glanced at the feline clock that was sitting on the wall, it's tail rocking back and forth, and a sudden uneasiness arose in her stomach. It was late. It was dreadfully late. She had opened the door half expecting to see her dead son - moist and moldy - staring back at her with the blanks of his eyes and his arms - loose and baggy - outstretched, reaching for her neck.

But it was only Skye that was staring back at her with his medium brown eyes and his thick dark hair, gently falling on his face and a smile. A smile that could melt any woman's heart. A smile that you would simply die for.

She remembered what he had said all too well now, "Ma'am, I hate to bother you at this time of night but can I have a moment of your time." He had not asked her, but the way the words slipped out of his mouth; soft and mellifluent, soothing in every kind of way, had very much insisted.

He had walked right passed her - to him an answer was never necessary. Skye had always felt he already knew all the answers. Cocky. He had moved himself very gracefully along the hallway and into the dining room, not following but leading. He had pulled a chair and told her to sit. She could tell he had done this many times before. He had fixed some coffee - just the way she likes it - without ever asking where the things were. He had sat down right beside her and had looked directly in her eyes. He had smiled again. And that was finally when she was his.

He looked at her with a smirk on his face. He was truly going to miss her. "You know this is the closest I've been to having a real home, to actually have someone loving me." His gaze had shifted.


"I don't need sympathy; I've done without it."

"Skye don't be like that," she said in a mom-like voice.

"I'm the last one of my kind," he broke her off before she could start, "and I'm supposed to do what's righteous. What's noble. All I'll ever be is Alone. That's what I'm meant to be Magdalene, nothing else!!" He paused for a second. She could see both pain and anger in his eyes "and nothing more. I have to be selfless. I'm not supposed to have anything I want ---"

"Suppose Sky!" She tried to sound like she was right.

"It's my destiny!"

And he was right. He was the last line of real chivalry and honor, the last line of hope for people like Magdalene and more importantly, he was the last one left standing.

"Skye... is there a God? She asked looking at the stars.

"What do you think?"

"I think there is a God, I mean how else could you explain all this." Of course she was talking about what had happened, what she'd seen and Skye himself.

He smiled and said, "Well ma'am if that's what you believe, I guess then, that's

the answer."

"You remind me so much of Scott," she said and looked at him, his eyes a

light hazel color. His soft, silky hair fell to the side of his brow - parted a little left of the center - and over his big but cute ears. His skin - light brown in color - would be compared to what most women would refer to as a baby's bottom.

And as he sat there she thought he looked more like a kid than anything he had turned out to be.


"Skye," he looked directly at her. "How did you know I needed help and where to find me?" and there was the question he had been expecting three months ago - now.

Skye shifted himself on the blanket and faced her. The explanation was going to be a long one. He could see curiosity light her face up.

"I am the last bloodline of King David." A look of puzzlement fell upon her. He would have to go back further. "See a very long ago the Holy knights were mere men that fought against vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks and demons. That sort of thing. But a single man or further men apt to defeat any of them was thought impossible. Face it, we're not angels from the heavens or stars. A werewolf or vampire could kill an army of hundreds! So the holy knights were becoming extinct, that's when they started recruiting the enemy.

A vampire with a soul, werewolf with a heart and warlocks. Many, many warlocks.

My father was a warlock."

"Really. What was your mom?" Magdalene asked only seconds later thinking

she had made a mistake.

"My mother was a descendant of The Great King David. Yes, the same David you read about in your bible. Dad was in charge of keeping her alive. He was a very strong magician. They fell in love and she got pregnant with me. What you need to understand is everything that is evil wanted her dead. The night she was giving birth to me.... Vampires, werewolves and demons attacked the hospital. Their first attack in hundreds of years. Killing everyone including me...." Skye finished off.

His eyes becoming a light blue in color.

"Including you?" she asked puzzled.

"Anyways." He continued right on as if he didn't hear it. "There is a rule that every angel has to live by. Do not interfere with the destiny of man. The punishment is obliteration into nothingness. Far worse than what Lucifer received. Michael the greatest arch angel of them all love each and everyone one of us with all his heart. Some believe more than our creator and he believed in us. When my mother was killed and I laid there a still born, something in Michael broke. He fell from heaven and killed every last vampire, werewolf and demon that was there that night. He transferred his power into me and brought me back to life. That he did."

"So you're an angel," she said smiling gleefully.

"No I am not but his energy flows through my veins."

"Still doesn't answer my question."

"My father had the gift of necromancy. As do I." He looked at her. His eyes changing color again. "I could speak to the dead or souls that has not moved on as yet."

"Did you talk to my son?"

Skye had always found himself in very pervasive situations. Mostly in cemeteries. He did not want to tell her about his experience with her son or anything along that line, but he knew she would persist and he would then be in the wrong. The night was contingent, clouds monolithic and dark covering everything and anything but for some unknown reason had just seemed to miss the heroic full moon over the land. Skye had wandered out to the old Marge Cemetery. The time had finally come to hear Scott's side of the story.

The air was cool and fluid and as Skye jumped over the spiked gate he realized this was not the life he wanted. He landed on the ground adroit and dexterous, one hand to the soft earth with one knee almost touching the ground in a type of crouching position. His hair fell directly over his face. He had not made a sound but his presence was already known to the unrested.

Skye got to his feet, dusted his hands and began his journey up the soft dirt pathway.

The cemetery was not what he had expected. The grass was neatly cut, the graves were perfectly squared out and aligned. The huge oak trees were scattered delicately among the acres giving the cemetery a type of alluring feel. Someone would actually want to be buried here, Skye thought.

Skye deviated from the pathway and cut in-between a row of graves. The earth was soft and moist and every time Skye made a step, a mushy sound followed. The air felt dewy and Skye could tell it was a little after two in the morning. The stars could be seen now, most of the clouds were gone and the full moon illuminated the cemetery in a type of horror movie way.

Skye followed the graves further until he came upon some freshly cut roses. Sixteen in all. Skye inhaled a deep breath, knelt to the side of the grave and recited a simple prayer. He then lifted his right pant leg and revealed a leather case strapped to his ankle. The blade was short - approximately the length of Skye's palm - and was coated with silver. It was perfectly polished and reflected the moon as it shone in the sky with a lustrous gleam that ran along the sharp edges of the blade all the way to the tip. The handle was polished gold and was about half the length of the blade, two oval shaped brimstones were placed in the direct center of both sides of the handle representing two eyes. One for life and one for death.

Skye held the blade cuffed upside down in his palm hidden with only half an inch protruding out from in-between his thumb and index finger. The blade of life was King David's favorite dagger, specially crafted for him by a powerful white warlock. Lucien. The blade was a gift of power for the lineage of King David. Only those who carried King David's bloodline knew the necessity and power of the blade. To everyone else it was harmful. The blade of life was scarcely seen and Skye kept it like that. It was supposedly lost along the centuries or thought to have been destroyed during a war in the 8th century.

Skye held his left hand out over the grave and ran the tip of the blade across his palm. The slice was shallow and stung. Skye grasped his left hand tightly. The blood was warm and royal and as the first drop hit the fresh dirt he closed his eyes and lost his breath. Several drops followed and Skye became weak and limber. He felt dizzy and nauseous and was unaware of his surroundings for what would seem an eternity.

This was when he was at his weakest. Communicating with the dead was difficult. As the final drops of his blood fell Skye took a deep magnificent breath and opened his eyes.

He glanced at the wound in his left hand. It was not bleeding anymore. It would be fully healed in a couple of hours. Skye then closed his eyes and began searching inside himself. Suddenly, his mind fell and he lost himself. He felt his blood seep through the earth. He felt what was his once warm blood turn cold. He felt the cold blood become a thunder and every time a drop of blood crashed through Scott's casket he felt a sensation. He felt his blood become a voice and the voice travelled through the earth into his soul and Skye finally felt his soul become one with the dead.

The wind howled and the huge oak trees rustled and somewhere in the distance, not very far from where Skye was lying unconscious, heavy breaths could be heard.

It was dark and Skye's soul spoke with an aberrant lifeless tone.

Scott -

Skye, I've been waiting for you. -

A moment of silence.

Are you shy? I have heard so much about you - This was not the same kid that had died. Death had a way of changing you. - You know they fear you? -
Skye said nothing.

They fear what you can become. They fear who you are and what's in you.
They fear the power you can hold. -

I did not come here to talk about me. -

That's all they do Skye. They talk about you. OH! How they talk about you. -

It seemed like the spirit was pleading.

Magdalene's hurt -

That was low Skye -

Why did they come after you? -

Straight to the point I see -

Skye said nothing.

Do you know what the seven ancient scrolls are? -

Magic -

White and black - Skye thought for a second.

Do you know that there is ten in all-?

Where is the other three? -

Israel -

Skye's heart raced while he slept.

You know the magic of the seven scrolls don't you? -
Skye said nothing.

Bring me back to life Sky -

I can't -

please... I miss her -

To the point spirit! - Sky's soul spoke with power and the undead shifted in their eternal sleep.

heartless as they say. Fine. Since the biblical days it was speculated to have a

hidden chronological secret. A secret if deciphered can unlock power, but they were wrong. -

Skye listened intently.

I had a history project to research dealing with the origins of cults and what they worshiped and why. I chose to research illuminati. I became fascinated with it. Do you know that up until the fifteenth century there was drawings of the scrolls? I mean exact duplicates but the duplicates were useless. It was not real. They used the duplicates to try and decipher the cryptic message but to no avail. Up until the early 19th century there was still one duplicate left. Piece of a duplicate. Five lines. There was a rumor that it was numerical but no-one knew what numbers. So happens I had beginner's luck. I used the year 1976. I kept the first word. I counted nine words and kept the ninth, seven more were finished. I started over. I then skipped the first word went to the second and kept. I then went nine more and kept the nine and so on. In the end the parchment was reconstructed. It was in old Latin or I think something even more ancient. Very hard to translate. The scrolls aren't about power. It was about the future. Well this scroll. I think this scroll was a secret prophecy. I was only able to translate the first three words though... -

What? -

The Son of Perdition lives -

is it true? - Sky's heart was in his hands.

yes, but you have time. He has not taken power yet. The order protects him. -

Skye felt a strange disturbance.

Skye you have to find the Amulet your ancestors made -

where is it? -

only you can unlock that secret -

you don't even know do you -

Skye time is running out -

Why do I need the Amulet -

for the Cradle of Faith -

I thought that was just a myth -

you have to beat them in the Cradle... -

Skye felt a strong sensation of evil and before he knew it he heard a cry of

Scott's spirit. He heard a cry of anguish, pain and suffering as the evil attacked Magdalene's beloved son's soul and with his last strength the spirit screamed "Skye wake up! -

The shuffling was swift and almost non-existent. Skye had sensed it as soon as his eyes shot open and with a motion so elegant and agile, rolled to his right getting to one knee. His left hand was to the ground while his right hand slipped inside his left side under his jacket and upholstered his revolver.

The man was huge and naked. His skin was cream and hairy and he made Skye feel small. Ant-like. He was at least a foot and a half taller than Skye and outweighed him easily by two hundred pounds of muscle. For his size he moved fast. Extremely fast. He was closing in at five yards and coming fast when Skye held the revolver out with his right hand and pulled the pin back with his left. John Wayne style baby! The mammoth stopped in his tracks and glared intensely at Skye. Within seconds Skye's eyes had changed to a medium brown color. This was when Skye was at his strongest, his purest, almost Godlike.

Skye got to his feet and holstered his revolver. Skye inhaled a deep powerful breath. "Are you one that killed him?" Skye asked already knowing the answer.

"I enjoyed it!" the man taunted in a hoarse profound voice.

"Is that so?" Skye asked taking a step towards the beast of a man.

"His flesh was succulent and his blood was warm!"

Skye took another step closer.

"He ran though, I give him that, the kid had heart, which was very good too!" the huge man roared with laughter.

Skye took another step but this time the naked man moved back.

"Skye did he tell you anything good?"

Skye did not reply but stared into his eyes.

"You aren't thinking quite possibly what I'm thinking. Are you?" the man asked mockingly. "You can't fight me. I will kill you!!"

"You did not have to kill him," Skye finally said. "He was harmless."

"He simply found out too much. Much too much."

"What? You think I wouldn't find out."

"We would rather it not be this soon."

"We?" Skye said with a stupid facial expression. "The order or the Antichrist?"

"Everyone of us."

"And what part do you play?"

"I am Cage, a second generation war general and King Vega's primary executive."

"Hmmm..." Skye thought for a second.

"It's futile Skye."

"What about the Golden treaty? It's not supposed to be broken!"

"And who's here to enforce the treaty Skye. You're the only one left!!"

"So be it." Skye said very plainly.

"Yes you finally understand Skye. The war is here!" Cage screamed taking a few steps back. "The war is here Skye!! The war is finally here!!!"

The naked man looked up at the full moon and screamed, sinking his fingernails into his chest. His eyes gleamed silver like the moon itself and his mouth unhinged while he screamed. Cage clawed at the skin on his chest and face ripping it to shreds. He screamed in agony, stumbling forward as he shredded the skin on his arms and back. Muscles tore muscles away adding at least one hundred more pounds of muscle to this creature. Cage's teeth extended like short spikes. His body became more elongated and his hands were now sharp claws. His new skin was tough and scabrous and the thin coat of hair - faded gray and white - did not seem to make him any softer.

The transformation had only taken a matter of seconds.

The werewolf was now on all fours, breathing heavily, still trying to overcome the agony of the transformation. Cage shook it off and howled into the moon. He looked at Skye and at that moment Skye had sensed it. Magdalene. The werewolf took off pouncing, taking great leaps, leaving nothing but his sound. Skye had once again drawn his revolver. The draw was rapid and errorless and if his teacher was still alive he would have been proud. But it was too late.

Somewhere in the distance, the breaking of branches and the upheaval of earth could be heard.

Right then and their Skye had made his mind up. He was going to kill Cage and there was nothing else about it. He was a dead man.

Skye gazed around for a split second and surveyed the cemetery. Time was running out. He looked into the stars and closed his eyes. And in the suddenness that he did that, he dashed across the cemetery in the almost opposite direction as the werewolf. He sprinted quickly. Cutting through sections of the graves. His speed could not be compared to that of the werewolf's and he knew that but something had to shake. He would not let her die like that.

Skye had walked from Magdalene's house to the cemetery and it had taken him thirty minutes. He was going to make it back in less than three.

Skye ran across the farther end of the cemetery. This was the less used side. The grass was high and untidy and the land was becoming undulating. The earth was softer and elevated and as Skye ran he had the perfect view overlooking the entire cemetery. Skye stopped as he reached the summit of the last elevation. He looked back at the night-watchman's little square building. The light was on.

He's probably asleep, Skye thought to himself.

The little girl with the all-white dress had appeared out of nowhere and was walking towards the night-watchman's edifice. She had long blonde hair that seemed shinier and silkier than Skye's. Her dress fell below her knees and from the back she seemed like the perfect little girl any man would want as his daughter. She walked with her hands to the side, her hair flowing freely and her chin up high.

Daddy's little girl.

That was until she turned her head around.

It was not the face of daddy's little girl but something grotesque and evil. She did not have eyes. Just empty sockets. Her face was smeared with dirt and traces of dried up tears running down her face. Her smile was hideous and dirty and etched its way across her entire face like the seam of a football. The little girl hissed at Skye and disappeared into the structure.

This was nothing unusual for Skye. She would have her fun for the night. It would have been a blast to see the look on his face. Skye thought. He did not have time to stop. He would have to come back because she kept a secret for him. By the look on her face it was an important one.

Skye paced himself down the steep decline and reached the end of the Old Marge Cemetery. He was met by the same spiked fence. There was a small walkway gate. This time wrapped with a thick rusted chain and a bulky padlock. Skye did not waste time to jump the fence this time but instead he grasped the weighty padlock with his right hand and merely pulled. The chain snapped with an immense force disappearing somewhere behind Skye.

Behind the cemetery was rejected woods. It was about two miles in radius and if cut at the right angle would take you a few blocks away from Magdalene's house.

Of course Skye had known this.

Skye swung the gate open and did not waste any time. He dashed into the woods. The woods were congested and the smaller shrubs were not that small. Skye did not waste time to dodge everything but instead broke most of it down. There were a few ditches here and there and as refined as he moved jumping from side to side, most would have been impressed. But it was more a disappointment to Skye himself.

He was slipping.

The dried up leaves and twigs snapped under Skye's feet and as he ran, the creatures of the night, the wild animals around, cleared the way and let him run undisturbed. Skye spent at most 30 seconds running through the woods.

The road was clear and dark and as Skye emerged from the woodland he finally hit it. There was not a car in sight and as Skye ran the wind flustered his hair and made his shirt and pants flap. The two buttons that held his shirt close had suddenly popped with the wind and Skye's shirt and jacket fluttered even more. And as Skye came around the first corner just three blocks away from Magdalene, he let the wind take his shirt and jacket.

Skye was now down to his white vest and black pants. He was sweating and was hardly breathing heavy. His heart rate was up and the veins in his arms were gently showing over the small cuts of muscle. He ran like a king never once making an uneven step. From a stranger's perspective he was perfection at its best. To the enemy he was a problem.

Skye was swift and as he moved closer to his destination, he ran with only one thing on his mind. To protect the woman that treated him like her own son. He would never admit to loving her. Love was forbidden. The sweat glistened on his tanned skin and his hair was lightly sticking on his face and as he ran he was no longer adorable, he was irresistible.

The light was out and the door was swung wide open. Skye did not enter the house precautious nor did he seem to care if he was ambushed. Everything else was trivial. He screamed out her name. There was no answer. He walked to the back porch. The journey was a long one. The house suddenly seemed awfully big. The porch door was open and as Skye came into view of the backyard, Magdalene appeared tiny compared to the huge naked man that stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her neck.

His back was bent and she was on her tippy toes and she was still small. Magdalene was crying profusely, her face was a rosy red and her cheeks were slightly puffy. When she had seen Skye she looked more scared and concerned for him than herself. He had seen it in her eyes. If she only knew, he thought.

Skye walked down the five steps of the porch, took his eyes off Magdalene and concentrated on Cage.

"This is how you want to play?" Skye asked Cage. Cage smiled at him and tightened his grip on Magdalene. She made several hollow coughs. He then loosened his grip. "Fine," Skye said. Skye knelt down on one knee and tightened the lacing of his boots until his feet were snug.

Skye got up and looked intently at Cage. His revolver that hung to his side was clearly seen. The holster was fastened onto his belt. Skye's left hand was to his side while his right hand brushed his hair off his face. His breath was regular and his facial expression was the same. He looked at Cage then at Magdalene and smiled. It was more of a sinister smile than an adorable one.

When Magdalene had seen him smile she pulled down on Cage with all her might. Skye immediately drew his revolver. Cage did not let her go but instead flung her to his left and moved to his right. Magdalene was in the air for what was all of two seconds. She had landed hard but Skye thought it could have been much worse.

Skye had fired three shots at Cage while he moved. All came inches away from him. Cage moved fast and as he moved his skin started ripping apart. Skye fired his last three shots all in vain. Cage dodged every last bullet as if he knew where they were going.

As Cage transformed, Skye slipped his left hand into his pant pocket and retrieved six bullets. Three had fell from his hand. Skye reloaded his revolver with the other three bullets. While Skye was reloading his gun Cage ran in a semicircular angle. With each step Cage took he transformed and by the time Sky reloaded his revolver Cage had already become a werewolf. It was time for plan B. The werewolf charged at Skye viciously. Skye held his stance and was only able to fire two shots. The two shots exploded out his revolver and seemed to echo for an eternity into the night. The first shot had slid through the hairs of Cage's left shoulder. The second shot was at close range aimed at Cage's head but he had ducked. The third bulled would not be fired.

Cage came under the second shot and hit Skye with his right front paw squarely in the face. The impact would have crushed a regular human's skull but not Skye's. Instead he flew through the air and crashed into the porch breaking through the wood until he stopped at the house's concrete wall.

The dust clouded the wreckage and the werewolf howled to the moon.

Going through the porch was not as bad as you would think. Hitting the concrete wall on the other hand was something different. Skye was unconscious for about ten seconds and as he lay on the floor his subconscious felt him slip and there was a stinging sensation on his neck. Skye's eyes opened immediately. He slowly got to one knee. His face was covered in blood and as he emerged from the rubble, the howling had instantly stopped.

There was blood everywhere. Skye was bleeding from his forehead, nose and the back of his skull. His vest was soaked with blood. The blood stuck his hair to his face. Skye was still smiling. Cage attacked Skye again. The werewolf made a fierce swipe at Skye with his right paw, then his left. Skye had gone under both swipes amazingly fast. Aggravated; Cage pounced on Skye trying to crush him with his body.

The werewolf was on his two hind legs when Skye caught his front two.

Cage was heavy and as Skye held him their Cage tried to take a gruesome bite at Skye's face. Skye's legs and hands were becoming weak. Cage pushed down with pressure. Skye's knees started to buckle and his arms were slowly dropping. Skye was breathing heavily. Cage took another bite at Sky's face. Centimeters away. A million thoughts flew through Sky's head. He was not afraid of dying nor did he have any fear in his heart about the situation at hand. He could not let Magdalene down. That was it. There was no two ways around that.

Cage pushed harder and as Skye tried to hold him there he glanced over at Magdalene. She was unconscious. Her face was bloody and she looked awful. This was the first glance he had of her since he started the fight with Cage. His heart had never raced like this before. Somewhere deep inside of Skye a flicker of a flame was lit. It was not much but it was a start. The flicker burnt inside him and as his heart beat in his chest and his breaths became deeper and stronger, he had finally found something that only he himself could find. Love, devotion and most importantly heart.

Skye held Cage firm. He was no locking buckling. Skye clenched his jaw and pushed Cage. Skye's veins in his arms were lightly enlarged and his muscles increased in mass slightly as his blood pumped with every beat of his heart the flame travelled. His legs were well grounded. The concrete foundation under his feet was sturdy and as Skye pushed on the concrete, it gradually cracked. The cracks were tiny. No harm.

Cage was bewildered by the sudden power of Skye. The fight was supposed to be over by now.

Suddenly as Skye pushed on Cage with all his strength the foundation under him shattered into dust. His feet fell into a small crater and he lost his balance. He let go of his grip on Cage and within an instance reflex action moved his hands to his neck. The werewolf came down with an aggressive but passionate bite aimed exactly at his throat with only one intention. To kill. Skye's hands caught Cage's mouth a little too close for comfort. He had felt his hot breath against his throat. Skye's left hand had held his upper jaw while his right hand held his bottom. Cage grabbed onto Skye's torso, picked him up off the ground as if he was an infant and tried to crush his insides in a bear hug. Skye struggled holding Cage's mouth back. The werewolf shook his head violently.

The power was not a gift but came from a lineage of great kings and Skye was now tired of this werewolf. Skye felt Cage's spit on his throat, his ribcage was about to break but none of that mattered. His right hand pulled on Cage's bottom jaw. Skye closed his eyes and pulled even harder. The snap of the bone was not as gruesome as expected. It was more of a bitter sweet sound that was followed by a soft whine. Cage let go of Skye and tried to grab his bottom jaw that was now unhinged from its socket. Sky landed on his feet, legs shoulder width apart and at a forty-five-degree angle. His left leading. He dropped his left knee slightly and leaned into a right blow aimed at Cage's left ribs. The impact broke three of Cage's ribs and as Skye drove the punch into his guts the broken bones sunk sickeningly into the werewolf's lung. Skye followed with a left blow to the right side of Cage's ribs. The werewolf whined in pain and tried to run. When Cage had hit Skye in the face his revolver had fell from his hand and had slid a little way from where he was now standing in the grass. Cage tried to flee stumbling clumsily, jaw hanging by the skin to the back wooden fence. Skye ran and dived for his revolver almost spontaneously as Cage had turned his back to him. He did not aim the revolver but let himself feel the shot. The bullet had hit cage in the small of his back. The werewolf crashed into the wooden fence but did not stop. Skye did not bother to chase him. He would die and he would die soon. He would probably make it back to his master and tell him everything that had transpired tonight and then he would die.

Skye got up and walked over to Magdalene. She had not moved yet. She was breathing. He knelt down to one knee and picked her up. He held her cradled in his arms like a sleeping child and took her into the house. This was the first time in his life his stomach was in his hands. It was an unusual feeling and he honestly did not like any type of emotion. It was much easier being coldhearted.

He laid her on the small sofa that was his bed. He had got a warm, damp tower

and cleaned the blood from her face and hair as best as the situation had allowed. The cuts were not deep, the scrapes minor but the fall had taken a serious toll on her. No bones were broken and from her breathing pattern Skye could tell she did not have a concussion.

He pulled the blanket she had gave him over her. The red, white and black patterns seem to fit her well. He stood up and gazed at her. She looked beautiful as she slept. He was truly sorry she had to go through all of this. Somehow he would make it better.

Skye took a shower and changed into his Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas

that she had given to him. After all he was still a kid. He slept on the floor, right beside her. He was her protector.

That night Sky had dreamt of a red light. The moon was suddenly blood red as if it could actually be bleeding and the world became engulfed in flames. As the fire raged and the brimstone fell he heard screams of suffering and pain. He felt in his heart that all hope was lost. He saw three headed demons, serpents with heads somewhat like that of a man and creatures he could not describe. There was one man standing among them all and he was smiling. His face was hidden and Sky could not tell who he was except for that grin. The grin was evil. There was no love only hatred.

His arms were folded and as he stood there he screamed an unheard order.

Skye shifted in his sleep and made several murmurs. Magdalene would not be there to comfort him this time. He was alone. He dreamt for several more hours. Of what I do not know. In the morning all will be forgotten and Skye would awake smiling as if the nightmare did not exist. The end was near and part of him knew it but everything would be okay in the morning.

"I spoke to him very briefly," Skye told her without any type of emotion in his voice.

"Did he say - "

"No," he said plainly. She could clearly see it was something he wasn't going to talk about. "I only wanted to know why he was killed. Nothing else."


He smiled at her and pushed her gently.

"Where you plan on going next?"

"A small town in Iowa."

Seven days after his confrontation with Cage. Skye had visited the Old Marge Cemetery again. The sky was cloudy and no stars could be seen. Skye had walked his way to the last oak tree almost to the end of the cemetery and sat down with his back against the huge oak tree. The night-watchman's building was barely visible. The night felt peaceful and the cemetery was happy. Skye was back.

The little girl with the all-white dress came and sat right beside Sky. She was not hideous anymore. Her face was beautiful and when she smiled she had dimples. Her eyes were light blue and her skin was milky. She looked at Skye and frowned, then looked at the ground. She was embarrassed. She was caught doing a dirty deed. "It's okay," Skye finally said.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was soft and lovely and as she spoke he felt good inside.

"I would have done the same thing if I got bored."

"Really?" She smiled.

"Yea really.... are you buried here?" The little girl pointed to grave a few rows down. "I know how it feels.... to be alone." She smiled even more at him.

"There's a small town in Iowa. Riverton. That's where you have to go next."


"There's an evil preacher who has the town hypnotized. He does his master's dirty work."

"The Antichrist?"

"Shhh!" She said scared. "Yes." The little girl spoke lower. "Be careful Skye he walks through walls and can disappear. He has a black ball that sees everything that goes on in Riverton."

"What's there for me?"

"He knows a lot about the Cradle of Faith."

"What do you know about the Cradle?"

"I only know what I tell you now."

Skye studied the little girl closely. She was sad and lonely and she had finally served her purpose. It was time to move on. Skye leaned into her and whispered into her ear. "Go, leave this place behind." He then kissed her on her cheek and said,

"Thank you."

The little girl was crying. She had been trapped in this cemetery for what would seem an eternity and with something so simple she was now free. Skye touched her cheek with his index finger and wiped some of the tears away. "Go," he repeated. She looked at him and got up. As she walked into the night she faded. She was about to begin her journey to the golden gates in the sky. She would not be questioned by anyone above. Skye had sent her.

He sat there and contemplated the situation. He did not have any guidance nor did he have anyone to rely on. He sat there and reminisced about a story he was told as a young boy by his leader. The Cradle was said to be where the Holy ghost resides, filled with all our hope and love. The diamond amulet was said to channel all that energy giving its carrier god-like powers to defeat evil. It was a myth after all, Skye thought. A made believe story for people to believe in something more. For all hope not to be lost but now it seems that it is true and Skye needed to find it. Before all hope is really lost.

"How old are you Skye?"


"When's your birthday?"

"I'm a Gemini." He said laughing at the dumb questions she was asking.

"No wonder!"

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"You're too moody!" She said smiling.

"I am what I am."

"How long have you been on your own?"

"Two years." The expression on his face changed slightly.

"Is it that lonely?" She asked being serious now.

"More," he said getting on one knee. "But it's something I have to do."

Magdalene had almost forgotten he was leaving. His action hit her like a surprise. "You don't have to Skye." Her eyes red and moistening, her voice changing pitch.

"I have to Magdalene. You don't understand. As much as I want to. I can't. I can't just give up and stay!" He said his voice becoming angry. "If I give up now. Everything I stand for, everything that's been fought for all this time will be fore nothing!"

"I don't care Skye! I don't care if I'm being selfish! I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life! If you didn't want to stay I would understand Skye! But you do and

I'm not letting you go!!" She screamed in his face while she was sobbing.

Magdalene was falling apart at the inevitability of his departure. She had attached herself to him more than he had expected and now he feared the worst. He studied her deeply. Her hands were shaking involuntarily, her breaths shallow waves of air and pitiful snivels. Her face red and her eyes told her secret. That too was inevitable.

Skye's mind wondered. There was no possible way to escape the situation. He could at least grant her peace. She had her father's old magnum and that was all he needed. He reached into the duffle bag that was beside him and retrieved a small box.

Something fairly similar to that which holds an engagement ring.

She looked at him funny. "this is my lucky," he told her flipping the lid and extracting a shiny silver bullet. "This was the last bullet in my gun when the holy knights were still one. I want you to have it. I hope it brings you as much as it did to me."

She knew what he was talking about and thought. How could I have possibly hide it from him. He sees everything. "I got something for you too Skye. Let me go get it." She said getting up off the blanket and walked into the house.

Skye went back into his bag and pulled out an envelope. He stared at it for some time and hadn't realized Magdalene was standing right in front of him waiting for him to look up. "Skye," he looked up. She was holding a straw cowboy hat. "It was Scott's," she said handing it to him. "it would look good on you and your hair falls on your face a lot so I thought it'd be nice if you had it." It sounded more like asking than saying.

Skye took the hat and got up. "Well ma'am," he said smiling. "I have to be leaving, the sun will be up soon." She made a fake smile. He kissed her cheek. It tasted a little salty. Skye grabbed his bag and slung it on his right shoulder letting it lean mostly on his back and not his hip. He walked to the mailbox and pulled the white envelope from his right pants pocket. He stared at it for a second and noticed NEVAEH really was heaven backwards. He looked at the house- only the living room light was on. The house itself looked beautiful. He gazed higher until he was staring into the stars wondering why?

Why everything had to be so complicated? Why he was being punished? why did he have to suffer?

That was when the worst sound of his life came.

The shrill of the bullet cut through the peaceful silence that had seemed to be

so comforting not even 10 seconds ago. The thud came after. But not the kind of thud you would expect. It was the soft thud of the lifeless body that he had once loved more than he had loved himself.

His heart sank.

A single tear ran down his right cheek.

He closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath. Exhaled and opened his eyes.

He slid the letter in the mailbox, raised the flag and walked off into the darkness that was the night.

He was doomed and everyone around him had died.

Somewhere deep down inside of him he was beginning to let go.

He would need to find more because when the red light hits the moon and world becomes fire, full of pain and despair and the hooded figure is revealed he would be the only one left standing to fight.

Sometime later a higher level vampire named Arcaine slunk away behind the darkness and into the house.

To be continued......

The End.

Coming Soon: Skye and the Preacher

The town was perfect. The people was perfect. The preacher was perfect. He was their God. Something evil was happening in this perfect town. Something hidden behind the blue eyed veil. The town held a secret. A secret that would lead Skye one step closer to the Cradle of Faith. A secret that not even the preacher knew. A secret that the preacher would stop at nothing to acquire. Pandora's castle awaited.


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You write well. I like this concept that you are developing - "vampire with a soul, werewolf with a heart and warlocks." Interesting. 😊

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I wish I know how to effectively write a story just like you.